How-To: Handmade Holiday Cards


Lynda here. And let me just say Yay Crafting!  Our first “How-To” post, and it’s holiday crafting!  Make some of these cute cards to go with those Christmas presents you haven’t yet wrapped.  Christmas is only 5 days away.  How did it sneak up on us?!

 Holiday Present Card2013-12-16 23.06.10

For this first holiday card, I kept it extremely simple.  No artistic skills required.  Anyone with fingers can make this!

What you’ll need:

A blank card

Washi tape

A mini present bow

Scissors or an X-Acto Knife

A cutting mat, if using an X-Acto knife


Step 1:

Measure the card to determine how long your washi tape strips need to be.  Washi tape comes in many different widths, so if you have a roll that’s ½ an inch or smaller, you may not need to cut it in half.  My washi tape roll was an inch wide, so I decided to cut it down the center and make my strips ½ an inch wide.  I used the X-Acto knife and ruler to divide my strip of tape in half.  You can use scissors for this as well.

2013-12-16 22.37.11

Step 2:

Take the washi tape strips measured to the size of the card and place one horizontally on the card, and take the other and place it vertically.  They can cross wherever you desire!

Step 3:

Finish the card by adding a small present bow to the location where the washi tape crosses.  Bam!  You’re finished.

Step 4 (optional):

2013-12-19 00.05.18

To add personalization to the card, add a handmade gift tag, nestled underneath the bow.  For this gift tag, you will need scissors, hole puncher, baker’s twine, and cardstock.  Simply cut out a simple tag shape with scissors, punch a hole in the top of the tag, and tie baker’s twine through the hole.  Attach to the card with tape, or glue dot.


Holly Twig Card

2013-12-17 18.50.17

What you’ll need:

A blank card

Green cardstock in two different shades

Red cardstock

A pencil

A brown marker


Hole puncher

Craft glue

Red glitter

Step 1:

2013-12-17 18.24.06

Begin by drawing variations of holly leaves with your pencil on two different shades of green cardstock.  These do not have to be perfect or symmetrical.  My holly leaves were all free handed.  I use roughly 8 or 9 leaves per card, so draw as many as you’d like for the amount of cards you’re planning to make.

Step 2:

Now here comes the time consuming part: cutting them all out.  When you’re making 10 of these cards, cutting out approximately 100 of these bad boys can take some time.  I’m sure there is a holly leaf punch out there somewhere that cuts this process down to 3 minutes, but that’s no fun when they all look exactly the same!  I like some variety!

Step 3:

2013-12-17 19.30.25

Take your red cardstock, and hole punch the crap out of it!  Keep the little circles; they will serve as your berries.

Step 4:

2013-12-17 18.33.25

With your brown marker, draw a curved line onto your card.  This will represent your twig that your holly leaves will rest on.  Curve your twig line however you wish.

Step 5:

Take the holly leaves you will use on your card and fold them slightly down the center, the way a natural leaf folds.  Place them on your card and arrange them how you would like to glue them down.  Once you decide their placement, glue them down using craft glue along the folded part of the cardstock, so it’s not glued flat against the card.  This allows for a 3D effect.

If you’re making multiple cards, complete this step for all of them at the same time.  The glue needs to dry from this step before you move on.

Step 6:

Add the red cardstock berries to your card in small bunches with craft glue.

Fill in remaining berries with small dabs of craft glue and cover with red glitter. Brush off any excess glitter.  Card complete!

2013-12-19 00.05.11


Ornament Card

2013-12-19 00.04.51

What you’ll need:

A blank card

Cardstock, multiple colors or patterns


3 Mini paper clips (coated or metal)

Baker’s Twine

Glittering glue

Glue dots

Glitter (optional)


Step 1:

Choose three different patterned or colored cardstock sheets and cut out 1” circles from each.  I find it easier to trace around a circular object on the back of the cardstock, and then use those lines as a cutting guide.

Step 2 (optional):

I love me some glitter!

I love me some glitter!

If choosing to use glitter, decorate each circle cut out with your glitter of choice and allow drying time.  If you are not using glitter, proceed to step 3.

Step 3:

2013-12-17 22.54.51

Cut three 6” strips of baker’s twine and tie each of them into a bow, evening out the length of each side.  (You may have to trim off some of the bottom of the string to better even out.)

Step 4:

2013-12-17 22.58.33

Take your mini paper clips and begin to straighten them out into a straight line, leaving the inner curve alone.  It should look like a lower case j.  Cut part of the straightened paper clip off, so the lower case j is about 1 ½” in height.  These will serve as the ornament hooks, although, you can use real ones if you’d like.

Step 5:

Place the three paper clips on your card where you want your ornaments to be, turning them upright like candy canes.  Secure them to the card near the bottom of the paper clip with a glue dot.  These are more adhesive than regular crafting glue and will ensure that your paper clips stay in place.  You can also secure these with a small piece of tape on top of the paper clip.

Step 6:

Take your three circles of cardstock and place them on top of the paper clips, making sure the bottom of the paperclip does not show.  Attach with glue dots to card.

Step 7:

2013-12-17 23.26.27

Attach baker’s twine bows to the top of the ornaments with glue dots.

2013-12-19 00.04.44


Have fun crafting this holiday season, and if you make any of these cards, let me know how they turned out!


Bows and Arrows, Lynda

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