What I Ate Wednesday 1/22/14

So hopefully this post will be redemption of my last WIAW post from two weeks ago (link here).  I’ll go ahead and say it again.  It was extremely pathetic…and I’m sorry I made you sit through that terrible account of my eating habits on that particular Wednesday.

And let me just say, I’m glad we take pictures of the things we eat, because if we didn’t, I would have already forgot what I had for breakfast.

Anyways, here is my


1/22 Breakfast

Ze liquid: I drank delectable coffee with extra half and half (with all of its glorious organic properties) in my awesome NC State Tervis tumbler.

Ze solids:  I nommed (yes, I made that into a verb) on a toasted whole-wheat mini bagel with one whole scrambled egg, Boar’s Head bacon, and Vermont cheddar cheese.  There was also a small amount of yellow mustard on it.  I also had a Clementine.  Ashley said I’ve eaten so many Clementine’s in the past few days, that I’m going to turn into one, which is probably true.

Lunchie Lunch

1/22 Lunch

Disclaimer:  The entire bowl of fruit in the background is not included in my lunch.  I know, you’re thinking Why would we even think that?!  But you never know, there are people out there that will eat 9 Clementine’s in one day…or one sitting. (Ashley probably thinks that would be me.)

Drink(s): I had another cup of coffee, served the same way as the first one for lunch as well.  I know, I’m kind of a caffeine addict, but I definitely know worse offenders, so don’t hate!  I also had half a bottle of Kirkland brand (from Costco) vitamin water in the flavor Dragon Fruit.  It’s enhanced with Vitamin C and B12.  Yay Vitamins.

Food:  I ate a salad that I made myself, which ended up being so big it wouldn’t fit in one of our normal sized bowls, so I ate it out of a Pyrex mixing bowl.  You can judge me for that.  I’ll allow it.  It contains iceberg lettuce that I chopped up myself, bacon bits, shredded cheddar cheese, a third of a cucumber, diced, and 5 strips of grilled chicken that I got in a one pound bag from the frozen section in target.  I used Wish Bone light ranch dressing.  And then I ate a banana.


Yeah.  About dinner.  Today was another one of those days where I worked through dinner.  And my normal dinner break was pushed up an hour, so my break was not during a reasonable dinner time, so I compromised with snack times!  And who doesn’t love snack times!?  So here are my various snacks throughout the night.

 Snack 1

1/22 Snack 1

My first snack was 3 organic whole carrots that I chopped into little sticks dipped in the same Wish Bone light ranch dressing I used for my lunch salad.  I also had some seedless green grapes.  During my first snack time, I also finished my Dragon Fruit water from lunch.

Snack 2

2014-01-22 22.23.51 2014-01-22 15.37.14

About 3 hours later, I finished the rest of my grapes that I brought with me to work, and drank a 16 oz Roobios Chai tea from Teavana, which by the time I drank it, it was room temperature, but still delicious.

Snack 3

1/22 Snack 3

So, when I got home, my boyfriend and roommate were doing homework at the dining room table, and they had boxes of Papa John’s pizza sitting right next to them.  Now let’s just remember that I ate grapes and carrots for dinner so far…so when I saw these boxes of pizza, I immediately grabbed a slice and just started eating it.  I was really hungry ok?!  And no, it wasn’t hot anymore, and I also didn’t microwave it.  I just nommed it, and then took a picture before it was gone.

Snack 4

1/22 Snack 4

After the pizza, I still wasn’t satisfied, so I ate another Clementine and about a 1/3 of a bag of Katy’s Kettle Corn PopChips, which are delicious, and are also my favorite flavor of pop chips (and no, it’s not because Katy Perry came up with the flavor, they are just that good!).

There you go!  Bows and Arrows,


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