What I Ate Wednesday, 2/5/14

Ok, I failed at putting this up last night, or even writing it for that matter.  This is because after I finished dinner, I got into a super crazy woman cleaning mode, which means I had the urge to start deep-cleaning the kitchen.  Don’t ask me why.  It just came over me, and I wasn’t going to ignore it, because that mood happens essentially once in a lifetime.  So forgive me.


2014-02-05 07.48.19

I had an early start to my day and had to drop my dog child off at the groomers at 7am, so I stopped by Starbucks and ordered myself a Tall Caramel Macchiato with extra foam.  This was the start to my day.

Around 9am, Ashley and I ventured to a small little bakery in downtown Raleigh, called Yellow Dog Bread Company, for breakfast, and it was absolutely phenomenal! Between the two of us, we split a spinach, feta, bacon bread, and I had an 8 oz  coffee with cream to go with it.  I also ate a bite of the Maple Bacon Scone I bought for myself to have for breakfast today (and it was so so sooo delicious!).

2014-02-05 09.00.052014-02-05 09.08.02

 In between breakfast and lunch, I drank 16 oz of water.


2014-02-05 13.11.16

For lunch, Ashley and I walked my dog child to the food trucks on Centennial Campus, and I got food from the Chirba Chirba Food Truck, which I have been to many times before, and have always loved.  Yay eating locally today!  My lunch consisted of their glass noodles, which are vegan, and 6 of their dumplings known as “Juicy Buns” which are stuffed with minced pork and scallions.  I dipped them in my own sauce from home, which is a salad dressing that I always use as a dipping sauce.  It is from the brand Old Cape Cod, and it’s a Toasted Sesame and Soy Ginger Dressing.  I drank water with my lunch.

2014-02-05 13.24.33


2014-02-05 14.12.19

I bought this Chai Spice Cookie from Yellow Dog Bread Company, and essentially inhaled it as my snack.  One of the best cookies I think I’ve ever had.


2014-02-05 20.12.08

For dinner, I made my own recipe, which I just call Balsamic Chicken.  The link to this recipe in detail is here.  I usually make it and pair it with either pasta, or with rice.  We had leftover white rice from Chinese take-out in the fridge, so I decided to just add that to the pan and make it an entire dish on its own, as opposed to serving them separately.  I also made some Steamfresh Corn from the frozen section just to add in another veggie.

My drink was a homemade cream soda, which I have linked the recipe to here.  It looks gross, because it’s white, but I promise you, it is delicious.

After Dinner Snack

2014-02-05 22.11.11

After dinner, while I was vigorously cleaning the kitchen, I drank some Perrier sparkling water mixed with a Grape Zero Calorie Propel Packet.  So it essentially tasted like Grape Soda, but it was just water!  #Winning.  Just kidding.  Only a little.  And I ate a banana.

2014-02-05 23.52.42 2014-02-05 23.52.52

Once I decided to stop cleaning the kitchen like a crazy lady, I sat down and ate the rest of this Chanelle Cake from the Grand Asia Market in Cary.  These cakes are always so delicious.  They are soft and spongy, always super moist, and overall just like little clouds for your tummy!

So that concludes my adventurous day in food!

Bows and Arrows,


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