What I Ate Wednesday, 3/5/14

Today’s “What I Ate Wednesday” is brought to you by the letter “S,” for snack time, and the number 5, because that’s how many of them I had today.

But really though.

My schedule today was a bit different than usual, which led to my snacking whenever I was hungry.  I did actually get to make dinner though, but one solid meal is better than none!

2014-03-05 06.14.09

At about 6:30am, while I was at work, I made myself a cup of Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee with some half and half.  I ended up not finishing my entire cup, but I would guess that I drank about 12 oz.

Later in the morning, I had a packet of Apples & Cinnamon Quaker Oats Instant Oatmeal.

2014-03-05 08.32.18 2014-03-05 08.37.29

And then about an hour after that, I had a toasted mini whole-wheat bagel with about a tablespoon of Speculoo’s Cookie Butter (from my January Favorites) spread on it.  It was a pretty thin spread, so you can’t really see it in the picture.

2014-03-05 09.48.09

When I got home I grabbed the Tostito’s Scoops bag (essentially the first thing my hand touched when I opened the pantry) because my stomach was growling, and I wasn’t about to try to make something!  I’m impatient and just couldn’t wait.  I ate these with some leftover “Who is Kaiser?” salsa from Moe’s Southwest Grill.  I ate there the other day, and had extra salsa, so I just saved it, and what do you know, it came in handy!

2014-03-05 11.34.13 2014-03-05 11.34.21

A little later, while I was driving, I ate one of these Gogo Squeez Fast Fruits in the flavor Apple Peach Passion Fruit.  Go ahead.  Judge me.  Everyone that has ever seen me eat one of these does.  They are grossed out by the fact that I’m “drinking it”, but it is really just applesauce in a pouch.  Yes, I am like a kid sometimes.  And yes, I did discover these from the Chick-Fil-A kids meal.

2014-03-05 13.42.20

After I walked my dog child, I ate some peaches!  I also made myself some hot Earl Grey tea (from my February Favorites) with 1 ounce of Torani vanilla syrup, and about 3 ounces of cold low fat organic milk.  So delicious!

2014-03-05 16.49.42-2 2014-03-05 17.07.51


And here we arrive at dinner!  An actual meal; what you’ve all been waiting for!

Since I am going out of town on Saturday, my boyfriend and I decided it would be a good idea to just hold off on trying to grocery shop at all this week, so I had to work with what I had on hand already.  This is usually exciting for me because it means I get to create a new recipe!  Which is exactly what I did…and it turned out great! I’ll just go ahead and call it Baked Teriyaki Pineapple Chicken with rice.  I’ll post the recipe in the near future, but for now, here is a picture of the finished product.  The only thing I wish I had to add to this recipe would be green onion.  And maybe a bell pepper.  I also ate some sea salted edamame as my appetizer.  My drink with dinner was a glass of Simply Apple apple juice.  Because I’m such a child.

2014-03-05 19.12.28 2014-03-05 19.13.14 2014-03-05 19.52.52


I was getting crafty after dinner, so I decided to come up with an eggless cookie dough recipe, which ended up being pretty good.  It was yet again, with whatever I already had in my pantry.  I decided to make little phyllo cups of cookie dough for dessert and they were delicious.  I ate two five.  I will post the recipe later, but I will go ahead and warn you, they are not “healthy” in any way.  They are just as bad as the real thing, they just don’t contain eggs, so no salmonella poisoning! Yayy!  But OMG are they delicious!

2014-03-05 19.40.02-2

So there you have it!  All the things I ate on this bleak March Wednesday.

Bows and Arrows,


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