Anna Maria Island, Day 2

Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico

Today was my first full day in Anna Maria, Florida.  The weather was great, with a high of 77 degrees Fahrenheit!  Last night after dinner, we went to this cute little store called The General Store & Deli to grab some essentials for the next morning.  One of those things happened to be the muffin I had for breakfast.  They make their own bakery items, and my apple strudel muffin was so great!  I might even consider having another one for breakfast later this week.

Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay

We spent a majority of the day walking around the island and becoming familiar with where things were.  We walked down to both ends of the street called Pine Avenue.  One end of Pine Drive takes you to the Gulf of Mexico, where someone was setting up the cutest little wedding, and at the other end, there is a pier that goes into Tampa Bay.

Just hangin' out by the pier.

Just hangin’ out by the pier.

For lunch, we stopped at this little shop called Poppo’s Taqueria.  I had what they called a “Baby Bowl” which is a pint sized bowl filled with beans, rice, protein, and toppings of your choice.  I filled mine with brown rice, black beans, chicken, Monterey jack cheese, and cilantro.  I also had a side of freshly made chips.  I really liked that this place uses hormone and antibiotic free meats and all of the produce is organic!

2014-03-09 14.14.51

Poppo's Taqueria Baby Bowl

Poppo’s Taqueria Baby Bowl

Laying out in the sun

Laying out in the sun

After lunch, I laid out by the pool for a while, until I decided I wanted to walk down to the ice cream shop, Two Scoops, by the pier.  I had one scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip and one scoop of Pistachio.  Nom.

One scoop of mint chocolate chip and one scoop of pistachio from Two Scoops

One scoop of mint chocolate chip and one scoop of pistachio from Two Scoops

The rest of my day was spent relaxing around the house.  For dinner, we picked up some Margarita pizza from a local sports bar, and I don’t know what sports bar that was, because I was passed out when it was picked up!  So sorry, the sun made me tired!

2014-03-09 15.49.23

Stay tuned for more updates about my week in Anna Maria!

Bows and Arrows, Lynda

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