The Fitness Diaries: Week 7

Hey guys! I didn’t do my usual update on Sunday because I was enjoying Lynda taking over for a while with her fun travel updates! I just started week 8 today so I figured I would go ahead and post this so I wouldn’t get behind. I completed all of my workouts for this past week. I am pretty proud of myself because I feel fully committed to my workout routine and feel more and more motivated every week. I don’t feel like I have to talk myself into working out on most days. It’s something I look forward to doing now. It’s a great feeling! I am taking care of Lynda’s dog child, Gabi while she is away on vacation, so I will be walking dogs like crazy for the rest of the week. It will just give me an excuse to go outside even more which is always great. Thankfully the weather has been really nice the past few days, but who knows how long it will last.

IMG_20140311_190708_384 (1)

A friend from work was kind enough to help me with walking Gabi because I wasn’t sure I would be able to walk them both by myself. My dog likes to walk in a zigzag at times. She’s a silly goose. My friend’s daughters were super excited to help out as well! I guess I am getting off topic here, but walking the dogs is exercise so it’s relevant I think. 🙂 On to the workout schedule for week 7…

Workout Schedule

Week 7:

Monday (3/3): Strength 2

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Strength 1

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Walk with Rose

Saturday: Strength 2

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Timed Metabolic

Tuesday (today): Strength 1 (week 8)

**If you are new to these posts and are wondering what the heck I’m talking about with this workout schedule, click here for an explanation of what I’m doing.

The workouts in this phase are still feeling challenging because I try to increase the weight I’m using each time I do it. Strength 2 still feels more challenging to me. The exercises in this workout are just more intense for me and it really works my legs! There is one exercise in strength 2 called rear-foot elevated split squat and boy does this one hurt so good! Here is a picture from my book of the exercise.IMG_20140311_204654_673

On a side note,  I wanted to show you guys my latest fitness related purchase -my new beautiful Nike trainers. I really only owned one pair of sneakers and I was using them for running/walking outside and working out indoors. I realized this was not working out when the last time I put them on to workout inside I got dirt (and who knows what else) all over the carpet. I run/walk on unpaved paths sometimes so my other shoes were getting dirty. This was justification for needing a pair of sneakers for indoor use only. Yes, totally justified! 😛 To make myself feel even less guilty about this purchase I paid for the shoes with the change in my hello kitty coin bank! Another benefit to working as a barista….tip money! Don’t worry I cashed the change in at the bank, so I didn’t literally give someone $80 in coins.

IMG_20140311_214454_042I think that is all I have to report this week. I am excited for the measurements and picture updates coming after week 8. I think there will be some change this time. If you have any questions about the Drop Two Sizes DVD’s or book I would be happy to answer them for you. Also, I would love suggestions for a workout program to try next after I am done with this one. I love trying out new programs and seeing how effective they are/can be, so if there’s a program you are wondering about please let me know.

Thanks for reading!

Bows and Arrows,


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