What I Ate Wednesday, 4/9/14 (with special guest Rose)

Hey people! It’s Thursday morning and I am not quite awake yet, but I have my coffee so bear with me as my eyes slowly start to open. We have a special guest this Wednesday- my miniature schnauzer, Rose (aka Porky). 😀 Food is very important to the porky dog, so she is excited to share with you. So, here is what we ate this Wednesday…


IMG_20140409_084922_653Yes, I know! So boring. What can I say, I love my oatmeal. It’s made the same old way (organic 2% milk, tiny bit of organic honey, cinnamon, banana slices, and walnuts). My coffee is a breakfast blend from Caribou Coffee with some organic half and half.


Rose always starts her morning off with a milk bone. As soon as she comes in from her morning potty time she runs towards the pantry where the treats are kept. I usually already have the milk bone out waiting for her though. I mean, everyone should be rewarded for going potty. It’s super important. Rose says sorry about her bed hair. When Rose is done begging for my food and realizes I am not sharing, she accepts defeat and goes to eat her own food. She only eats dry food (shhh, don’t tell her how delicious wet food is). I get her food from Petsmart usually. It’s called Nutro Ultra for small breed dogs. She seems to love it and it doesn’t give her gas like the cheaper varieties we’ve tried. Rose says that was TMI. 😛


I didn’t have time for a snack before work, but Rose did! Right before leaving for work I gave her a Pork Chomp which is a pork skin stick thingy that is an alternative to rawhide. It takes her a while to eat these treats, so it keeps her occupied for a while when she’s home alone.MyCollage_14




My lunch was pretty pathetic because as usual I was rushing around trying not to be late and didn’t leave enough time to make an actual lunch. I did a pretty good workout in the morning before work, so I threw together a protein smoothie to drink on my way there. The drink contains an unmeasured amount of frozen blueberries, 1 scoop of whey protein powder, half of a banana, and about 1 cup of 2% organic milk. I just threw all of the ingredients in a blender and blended until smooth. Not much of a lunch, but better than nothing.


I brought some snacks with me because I knew that I was not going to make it all day with just the smoothie. I ate these almonds which are pumpkin flavored. I bought these around Thanksgiving last year and can’t seem to finish the container (the container they came in, not this little thing). They are pretty good though! I also brought a yummy organic granny smith apple to eat, but I forgot to get a picture of it.




I didn’t get home until close to 8 o’clock so I was verrry hungry. I decided to make myself a Caesar salad to eat while the rest of the food was cooking. The salad consists of chopped organic romaine lettuce, croutons, shredded parmesan cheese, and Bolthouse Farms Caesar salad dressing.

For dinner I made spaghetti. But, not your typical spaghetti. Well, it’s typical for me, but IMG_20140409_202920_445you guys will probably find it weird. So, the recipe comes from my boyfriend’s mom. It is very simple and it doesn’t sound that great, but it actually really is. Okay, now don’t judge, but it is basically ground meat (beef or turkey or whatever), ketchup, chili powder and a little ground cayenne pepper if you like a little spice. Not the healthiest recipe or the most glamorous, but it’s fast and satisfying. I used half whole wheat spaghetti and half regular and I also always buy the ketchup without HFCS, so that’s something, right! 😛 I made mine with ground beef because Preston wouldn’t have eaten it any other way. Rose’s dinner consisted of a few pieces of romaine lettuce I dropped on the floor and another serving of her dog food.


MyCollage_16I didn’t have anything else after dinner, but Rose was apparently in the mood for ONE more treat. This time she had a Dentastix. She was pretty fed up with me at this point because I took too long taking the picture. She was doing all of the tricks she knows trying to get me to hurry it up. It was pretty hilarious to see her try to roll over on the stairs. Side note…she really needs a hair cut! She does have eyes, I swear.

Well, that about wraps it up! Hope you enjoyed seeing what Rose and I ate this Wednesday. Sorry this is going up so late. Have a great weekend! ❤


Bows and Arrows,



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