What I Ate Wednesday, 4/23/14

Hey guys! I’m back again for my WIAW. Today turned out to be a pretty good day. It got off to sort of a rough start when I lost power randomly at my house before work. Luckily I had already made my coffee and breakfast, but unluckily I had just gotten out of the shower and was not able to dry/style my hair for work. I can’t complain though because the rest of the day went pretty smoothly, although my poor doggy is still not feeling well. 😦 It was a pretty busy day for me, but I managed to capture most of what I ate today.


IMG_20140423_075423_669I didn’t have oatmeal today! Crazy, I know. I just fried up an egg and toasted a slice of honey wheat bread with a little butter and some a lot of grape jelly. I also had some of my Trader Joe’s breakfast blend coffee with some organic half and half. I also drank some water on the way to work.


IMG_20140423_165227_228This sad picture of my lunch in the trash is all I have to document what I ate because I was very hungry and never even thought about taking a picture until after the food was gone and in my belly already. I was at a health fair with a coworker for most of the morning so I didn’t eat lunch until around 2:30. Since you obviously can’t tell from this picture, I had a Cobb salad from Chic Fil A. I also drank more water.


DSCN0701I got home from work around 7:30 and ate some of my Trader Joe’s kettle corn to hold me over until dinner was ready. Isn’t this a cute paper towel with the girl walking a dog. It looks kind of like a schnauzer. 🙂


My dinner was extremely spur of the moment. On my way home from work I was trying to think of something to cook and I remembered that I had an unopened jar  of Teriyaki sauce in the pantry. I parked in the grocery store parking lot and looked up a chicken teriyaki stir fry recipe on my phone. I’m not comfortable just winging it with cooking. I wish I was, but I just feel like I have to have a recipe. I am trying to get more confident in the kitchen, but so far the progress has been pretty slow for that. I bought the ingredients I needed and headed home to cook.


Most  of the ingredients (I ended up not using the broccoli)

Most of the ingredients (I ended up not using the broccoli)




I thought this turned out pretty good. It took me maybe a total of 25- 30 minutes from start to finish, so it was fairly quick to make.  If you are interested in following the recipe I used it can be found here. I served this over white rice because I didn’t have anything else, but you could definitely use noodles or another type of rice instead.


DSCN0724Okay, so I’m sorry if these don’t look that appetizing. I have to admit, they do kind of look like poop, but I promise they don’t taste like poop. Well, I’ve never tasted poop, so I can’t say that for sure, but yeahhh. 😛 Anyway, that’s all I ate today. Now I am going to go to bed! I’m a sleepy pants. Hope you guys are having a great week. Today was such a beautiful day. Finally feels like Spring, which makes me a happy pants. I hope you all are having some nice weather too. Thanks for reading!

Bows and Arrows,



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