What I Ate Wednesday, 5/28/14

I think we skipped Spring and jumped right into Summer.  It was 93 degrees outside today!  I sat outside for breakfast this morning because it was 78 degrees, but it warmed up quite fast.

For breakfast:

2014-05-28 09.34.59










I ate one slice of whole-wheat toast with all natural grape jelly and a scrambled egg.  I also made myself a fruit smoothie.  I used frozen blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, mangos, and pineapples, and blended those with Simply Apple and Simply Orange juices.  It was delicious!  And no, I didn’t eat the plant.  He was just hanging out with me on the roof deck so he could sun tan.  🙂

 For lunch:

2014-05-28 12.26.50









I drank a glass of Simply Lemonade with a few raspberries that I muddled and added to it.  I ate a pear and some Tostito’s chips dipped in guacamole.

 For dinner:

2014-05-28 16.12.33 2014-05-28 16.28.28



I had quite a small dinner, because I was at work during, but here ya go.  I ate some raw baby carrots and celery dipped in ranch dressing and one of the StarKist to go tuna salad lunch packs.  I drank a hot Roobios Chai tea from Teavana.




2014-05-28 16.54.00


I’m currently nomming on some Doritos in the cool ranch flavor, because I got home about 15 minutes ago and I’m too lazy to go make myself something.  I’m being quite ravenous right now, so no picture of the Doritos!

Goodnight everyone!

Have an awesome Thursday,



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