Recipe: Lynda’s Chicken Bowl


Ashley previously mentioned making a burrito bowl that mimicked what she gets from Chipotle.  A few weeks ago, I actually did something similar, except similar to what I get from Moe’s Southwest Grill, minus the tortilla.  As you can recall from my May favorites post, I had a guacamole kick, which lead me to Moe’s a few times last month during my lunch breaks at work.  This inspired me to make something similar to what I order from Moe’s for dinner one night.

Why not drink a glass of Lambic beer too!

Why not drink a glass of Lambic beer too!


2 chicken breasts

1 cup of Long grain wild rice (approximately)

1 can of Black beans

1 Roma tomato

3 leaves of romaine (or more depending on how much you want)

2 tablespoons non-fat cheddar cheese

Coarse ground pepper, just a pinch

Garlic powder, just a pinch

Celery salt, just a pinch

Ranch dressing

Lemon juice, about 2 tbsp



Step One: I sprinkled garlic powder, celery salt, and ground pepper on both sides of my raw chicken breasts and brushed both sides with lemon juice.  Then I set them aside to ‘marinate’ for about 20 minutes while I prepared everything else.

Step Two:  I then warmed up my black beans and cooked my rice.  I added a tiny bit of lemon juice to my rice as well after it was cooked.

Step Three:  While my rice and beans were cooking, I chopped up the romaine leaves and Roma tomato into tiny pieces.

Step Four:  I cooked my chicken on the stove, making sure to cook all the way through (this varies with thickness, so check your packaging for cook times).  After my chicken was finished cooking, I cut it up into small cubes.

I served my chicken bowl as a “pick your own” toppings, but of course I used everything that I made, and just mixed the amounts of each item together that I wanted.  I then topped my chicken bowl with a small amount of ranch dressing.  I did have guacamole, but I decided to not top my bowl with it, but rather eat it as a side with my chips.
2014-05-29 19.56.06 2014-05-29 19.56.33

2014-05-29 19.59.49 2014-05-29 20.05.27

2014-05-29 20.08.28 2014-05-29 20.20.37

I will say, that when I was inspired to make this recipe, I just used what I had in my kitchen at the time.  If I could tweak this recipe, I would add salsa, cilantro, and a spicy ranch dressing instead of basic ranch (even though I don’t like spicy stuff, I can handle some chipotle ranch)!  Try it out, and let me know what you think!

2014-05-29 20.20.53

Bows and Arrows,


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