DIY Necklace Organizer

I’ve had this in my closet for quite some time now, and I’ve finally realized I should probably tell you all about it!

2014-06-27 11.43.04

Most stores like Target or Wal-mart sell jewelry organizers in some fashion or another and there are usually many to choose from depending on what type of jewelry you’re trying to organize.  They’ve seemed to do a great job selling items that organize rings and earrings, but when it comes to necklaces, this is where [I think] they fall short.  Most necklace organizers are meant to sit on your dresser or vanity, and have some sort of open/close contraption, or are shaped like a cute little tree, etc.…which would be great if all of my necklaces were 16 inches in length or shorter! (Refer to diagram below)

Image from Fab Fatale Blog

Image from Fab Fatale Blog

However, many of my necklaces are quite lengthy because I love layering them, and that presented a problem when trying to store them…obviously the organizers that were being sold weren’t big enough, and I clearly couldn’t lay them flat inside some type of jewelry box, or else they’d be a tangled mess, so I came up with this!

2014-06-25 12.04.42

 Here are the exact materials I used (if you wish to replicate):

2014-06-25 11.49.26

19 in. Essick Hook Rail/Rack with 4 Decorative Hooks in Satin Nickel found at Home Depot (mounting materials included in box): $19.97

  • It’s important to pick one with a bar that is offset from the wall so you can actually hang things on it!

2014-06-25 11.51.29

Glacier Bay Double Roller Shower Hook in Brushed Nickel (12 pk.) found at Home Depot: $11.68

  • It’s important to get the shower curtain hooks that aren’t loops, and I particularly liked these because they have double hooks, which means twice the necklaces!

You’ll also need a Philips head screwdriver and a spare space on the wall where you’re willing to hang this on!

2014-06-25 11.52.20

Total cost of project: $31.65 before tax

Time it took to install and organize: 20 minutes

Total amount of necklaces mine is currently holding:  27 (And I still have a double hook to spare!)

2014-06-25 12.06.33

It seems like a lot to spend, but it is surprisingly only about 5 to 10 dollars more than an actual necklace holder/organizer from the store that only holds 10 to 12 short necklaces.  This one holds soooo much more than those, and definitely keeps your necklaces from getting tangled.  I decided to place mine in my closet, just because that’s where all my clothes are and it helps me put outfits together for it to all be in one place, but you could definitely have this mounted to a wall in your room, and place your necklaces on display!

P.S.  I use the big sturdy hooks that are attached to the actual wall mount for those really heavy necklaces, or the ones that keep their shape!

2014-06-25 12.04.59

Do you have any ways of organizing your jewelry?  Let us know!

Bows and Arrows,


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