June Favorites

Here’s the list of my June favorites!

  1. Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds


Almonds are just great snacks and toppings in general, but I’ve really enjoyed the smokehouse flavor this month…it kind of reminds me of a cook out flavor, which is great for the summertime.

  1. Turtle Flavored Chex Mix


It’s like these sprinkled this stuff with crack or something.  You won’t even understand until you try them.  They are seriously addicting, and if I don’t portion out small amounts for myself, I will consume the entire bag in one sitting.

  1. Madewell Allie Gladiator Sandals in True Black

2014-06-18 12.27.04

I’m not sure that these are offered online anymore, but I got them as soon as they were put on sale, and I never once felt like I had to “break them in” like you do with a lot of sandals that have ankle straps.

  1. Lemons


Since the official start to summer was less than 2 weeks ago, and it has been H-O-T around here, lemons and lemonade have just been refreshing!  They have been consistently cut up in my fridge, ready to add to my iced tea this month, and they’ve also made there way into that soup I posted not too long ago! (Link here.) I’ve also been on an Arnold Palmer kick lately, so lemonade is stocked up in my fridge as well!

  1. Blinc Mascara Amplified

2014-06-30 11.00.14

The premise behind this mascara is that it doesn’t “paint” your eyelashes, but rather, it “tubes” them.  I was skeptical at first because I wasn’t exactly sure how this was supposed to work, but the first time I actually removed the mascara from my eyes, I was pleasantly surprised!  It really is the neatest thing in makeup products, and it doesn’t leave that annoying black residue underneath your eyes after you finally get all your makeup off.  And you remove it from your lashes with water and pressure, which means my already sensitive eyes don’t have to deal with accidently getting makeup remover on them.

  1. Urban Decay Eye Primer in Sin

2014-06-30 11.00.03

I received a trial size of this primer in the box that my Naked 3 Palate came in, and I used it all up as soon as I opened it.  I really liked it, however, I still had eye primer to use up, but this month, I finally ran out, so I decided to get a full sized version of this since I loved it oh-so-much!

  1. Weekly To-Dos planner by May Designs

2014-06-30 10.51.02 2014-06-30 10.51.25

I got this little planner in a Pop Sugar Must Have box last year, and I didn’t really put it to use because I was using a different planner that was working really well for me at the time.  I found it in my pile of books early this month, and was excited about its customization for each week.  You fill in the dates for each week and there is a section on the opposite page for “Things to Do,” “Errands to Run,” and also an “Oh, and Can’t Forget” section for anything else you’d like to add for the week.  The other awesome thing about these books is that they are customizable online!  You can pick your cover design and if you wish, you could monogram it, or title it.  There are also multiple options for the inside pages…they don’t just have to be weekly planner pages!  Check it out at maydesigns.com!

  1.  Julep Green Tea Facial Blotting Papers

2014-06-30 11.00.55

Speaking of summer, it has been hot around here for a while, but this weather sure did sneak up on my skin.  One minute, it was fine, the next, oil everywhere!  I’m very glad I found these in my bathroom with all of my random skincare products, and have been carrying them in my bag for quick touch-ups since this weather has run rampant on my pores.

Those were my favorites for the month of June!  What were yours?!

Bows and arrows,


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