July Favorites

  1. Birkenstocks2014-07-20 09.03.00

I finally gave in and bought myself a pair of Birks, and I’m so happy I did! They are super comfortable and actually don’t make my feet look gigantic like I thought they would.

  1. Lil Piglet Paper Clips2014-07-31 09.23.31

I bought these from The Container Store a while ago, but I love how cute they are and find myself using them multiple times a week at my desk at home.

  1. Which Wich2014-07-31 09.28.21

I’ve been to Which Wich in the past but always forgot about it when trying to decide where to eat around town. A new one just opened up where I work and I’ve been there for lunch more times than I really should have! But there pepperoni wich is awesome!

  1. Watermelon2014-07-06 17.17.53

The watermelons were everywhere at the Farmer’s Market each time I went this month and of course I got one!

  1. Slingshot Coffee

Let me just go ahead and say, I don’t like black coffee. I never have. If you read my WIAW’s, you know I always add extra cream to my coffee. Well, this coffee is delicious black. It needs nothing. And I don’t even really like iced coffee, but I love this stuff! And it’s local, which makes it even better!

2014-07-27 17.21.13-2

  1. Escazu Chocolate

Speaking of local, this brand houses it’s factory in downtown Raleigh! I picked up one of their bars at Whole Foods and it was so good! I have Videri chocolates too because I went to tour their factory (also local!!), but I have resisted the urge to eat all the chocolates in the house, so I haven’t yet tried the bars I got from there…but I’m sure they’ll end up on my August Favorites list!

  1. Bubblegum Lip Scrub from Lush2014-07-26 13.53.15

This stuff is addicting. It smells so good and actually does help my constantly chapped lips. It’s hard to not continuously lather this stuff all over my lips though!

  1. Annelore’s German Bakery2014-07-14 08.35.38

Since my friends David and Rachel introduced me to this bakery (which I’ve seen before at the Farmer’s Market, yet never purchased from), I’ve been going on the weekends if I’m not working, to stock up on their apple strudels so I can have them for breakfast during the week. The pastry is perfectly baked and the filling isn’t too sweet, yet so fulfilling!

Thanks for reading!

Bows and Arrows,


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