What I Ate Wednesday, 8/6/14

Today was one of my days off this week, which rarely happens on the Wednesdays that I share what I ate with all of you wonderful people. While my plan was to wake up early to make the most of my day, I didn’t actually sleep too well last night, so I didn’t end up getting out of bed until almost 10am. Instead of having breakfast, I had brunch, because I wasn’t actually hungry when I first woke up.


2014-08-06 11.45.03

To start off my day, a bit later than normal, I drank a glass of Slingshot iced coffee, black. If you read my July Favorites, you would see that it’s local, and we love local around here! I also had strawberries, walnuts, a Clementine, and an apple strudel from Annelore’s German Bakery, which I picked up from the Farmer’s Market this past Sunday. I warmed up my strudel for 15 seconds in the microwave. Perfection.

Late lunch

2014-08-06 14.41.48 2014-08-06 14.43.38I got hungry again, so I decided to make myself a late lunch. I made tuna salad and put it on honey wheat bread slightly toasted (it keeps it from getting soggy so fast), with fresh baby spinach leaves. My side was a handful of truffle flavored Pipcorn. My drink was Simply Lemonade with mango and I added one of my homemade berry ice cubes to it for some extra fruity flavor!

Snack2014-08-06 16.46.50

This fortune cookie was sitting on my desk staring at me, so I just had to eat it.


2014-08-06 19.16.19

I went to my job for an event tonight and on our way back, Michael and I stopped by Panera Bread to pick up dinner. I got a half size of their Lemon Chicken Orzo soup as well as a half size of the Strawberry Poppyseed and Chicken Salad. It was the first time I had this particular salad and it was actually pretty good! The salad was made up of mandarin oranges, strawberries, pineapple, chicken, blueberries, and pecans and topped with a fat-free poppyseed dressing. I drank a bottle of water with my dinner.


2014-08-06 19.50.10

This is my “I’m angry because you’re taking a picture of me, but really, I’m the one taking the picture” selfie. 😀

After my run with Gabi (side note: I never run. This is the first time since I can remember.), I ate a grape, tangerine, and blood orange popsicle that I got a while back from Trader Joes.

2014-08-06 22.00.05About 2 hours later, I decided to snack on some Turtle Chex Mix while watching Suits. I put it in this little bowl so I would resist eating the entire bag!

That’s everything that I’ve had for the day! I hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday, and have a great rest of the week.

Bows and Arrows,


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