What’s in my Closet: Peplum Tops

2014-08-07 10.19.14You definitely don’t need one of these for every day of the week, but I definitely think every girl should have at least one of these tops in their closet.

Here’s why:

  • Those casual Friday’s you have at work, where you get to wear your skinny jeans, but still have to look put together and slightly dressy. And that’s not the only reason why…
  • These types of tops are the perfect shirt option when you can’t wear a t-shirt, but don’t want to feel rigid in a button-down.
  • Because they hit you at your natural waist and flair out around your hips, they are also a great option for those days you’re feeling bloated (you know, we all have those days).
  • They look great with skinny jeans, flared mini skirts and straight leg trousers.
  • They can be layered with blazers, vests, or cardigans, and if they have high necklines, you could even layer collared shirts underneath…but if you’re not into layering, they are still awesome as a stand-alone top.

I have two peplum tops, and while I don’t think they are something that needs to be worn once a week, they are definitely two tops that will stay with me for a while because there is always a time for them.

If you want a peplum top of your own, I recommend going into the brick and mortar stores to try them on! All of our body proportions are different, and peplum tops aren’t always made for the same body type. You want to make sure that the seam before the flare is hitting at your natural waist, and not too low or too high.

Here are some to start your search:



Do you have any peplum tops?  If so, how do you wear yours?

Bows and arrows, 


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