What’s in my Closet: Casual Sneakers (Converse & Vans)

Causal kicks are a must-have in everyone’s closet! They go with almost any outfit and are a great way to dress down a skirt or dress, or a quick and comfortable go-to for weekend-wear with your favorite skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans. They are also shoes you can wear in any season, unlike sandals.

2014-08-18 12.09.52

If you own, or have ever owned Toms, then any of the outfits you wore with those works just as well with low-top Converses or slip-on Vans! These shoes are also insanely comfortable! They only take about a day to break in (if that!) and you can wear them all day without feeling like your compromising your comfort for fashion.

Both of these brands also have a ton of options to choose from, so you could go for the basic everyday pair that works with everything, or you could opt for the more unique, colorful, or patterned pair that make the outfit stand out! It’s up to you!

I own two pairs from each brand:

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Sneaker in White w/ pastel tongues (I don’t think they make these specific ones anymore, so I’m sorry there’s no link for them, but try these instead)

2014-08-18 11.49.36

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Sneaker in Navy Blue/White (you can find these here)

2014-08-18 11.50.21

Canvas Authentic Lo Pro Vans in Black/White (found here)

2014-08-18 12.10.47

Vans Classic Slip-ons in Perforated Leather in True Black (found here or here)

I will also say that both of these brands hold up for years (speaking from experience), and are also priced great for their quality! They are also brands that have been around for years and years, and don’t just feel like a “trend,” because they don’t really “go out of style.” These are definitely not shoes you purchase now and get rid of next year!!! When I was in middle school, I had a pair of canvas checkered slip-on Vans and I wore those things until I had holes in the front from my feet growing…and guess what?! They are still popular in 2014!  Long story short, you can’t go wrong investing in a pair of these guys!

Important fact if you’re interested in purchasing any of these awesome shoes online:  Make sure you’re ordering the right size!!  A lot of the online retailers for both Converse and Vans offer men’s sizes when ordering (even if they are for women, because both genders love these brands!)…so double check when you’re ordering that you’ve picked the size you need.  For example, I wear a Women’s 7.5 in Vans, which means I would order a Men’s size 6 (sizing down 1.5 sizes).  And just for the sake of confusing everyone, Converse sizes actually differ by 2 sizes.  I wear a Women’s 7 in Converse, which means I would actually order a Men’s size 5.  Just be sure to double check that they haven’t already done the math for you, and that you’re getting the size you need!

Hope you enjoyed! Do you own any Converse or Vans? If so, how do you wear yours!? I’d love to know!

Bows and Arrows,


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