What I Ate Wednesday, 8/20/14

Hi guys! It has been a while! Lynda goose was kind enough to take over last weeks WIAW for me while I was on a little vacation. We didn’t want to ruin our perfect WIAW posting streak! Anyway, today I ate some things…I’m not all that proud of some of the things, but hey, it happened, it’s in my belly, and it’s all good. 🙂


20140820_065440Breakfast was the usual…oatmeal made with almond milk, cinnamon, chopped walnuts, blueberries, and about a teaspoon of honey. My coffee is Larry’s Beans Bolivia roast. I am loving this local coffee roaster! It is some of the tastiest coffee I have ever made at home.

Sometime at work, before lunch, I ate a coconut cream pie Larabar, but I failed to get a picture of that. Sorry!


20140820_151128I still haven’t made it to the grocery store for this week, so for lunch I decided to pick up food from Roly Poly. I think I have mentioned this salad before in another WIAW, but it’s worth talking about again because it’s really that good! This is a Spa Salad with chicken added. The toppings include: cucumbers, shredded carrots, dried cranberries, walnuts, tomatoes, mushrooms, green pepper, avocado, and sprouts. I don’t really know what the salad dressing is..some sort of vinaigrette. I just love how fresh this salad is and the variety of toppings give it so much flavor. Check it out if you ever go to a Roly Poly.

After picking up my salad, the stupid Starbucks nearby was calling my name. It was saying “Ashleyyyy, you know you want me even though I’m not really that good and I’m highly overpriced and overrated”. I ordered a “grande” (aka MEDIUM here in ‘merica) Americano with cream and justified it by telling myself I needed the extra caffeine for the leg workout I was about to do. 😉


After my workout I drank a protein shake. It was simply one scoop of Optimum Nutrition 100% natural whey protein powder mixed with about 8 ounces of unsweetened almond milk. I didn’t get a picture of this either, but don’t worry it was nothing special, just liquid in a blender botttle. Fascinating…



Pizza party Friday! …on a Wednesday! Okay, so I hardly ever eat delicious things like pizza (or Bojangles) on weekdays. I try to save it for Friday or Saturday because I just feel less guilty about it if I’ve eaten relatively healthy throughout the week. I also try really hard to only eat out for dinner like once or twice a week. That does not always happen (clearly), but it’s just what I strive for! Why do I sound like I’m defending myself. This is pathetic 😛 Well, I did add weight to my leg routine, which made me more exhausted than usual. I also walked Rose, went to Target, came home, realized I had nothing to cook, and that was it. Next thing I know I’ve got greasy delicious pepperoni and jalapeno pizza in my belly!

Well,  that’s everything I ate today. I did drink water throughout the day like usual, but I just didn’t photograph that, but I promise I did.

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your week.

Bows and Arrows,



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