What I Ate Wednesday, 8/27/14

The weather was just beautiful here today. The cool mornings we’ve had the last couple of days are tricking me into thinking Fall is near. In reality, we’ve got a lot more hot and humid days ahead here in North Carolina. It doesn’t help that Starbucks has already busted out their Pumpkin drinks! Too soon!! Anyway, now that you’ve gotten a weather update, on to what I ate today…


20140827_070755My breakfast was…wait for it….oatmeal!! You would have never guessed, I know. I had to kind of eat and put on my makeup at the same time because I was running a little behind this morning. The oatmeal is made with unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon, chopped walnuts, a teaspoon of local honey, and blueberries. The coffee is the same as last week, Larry’s Beans Bolivia roast, with organic half and half.


20140827_121424A typical snack for me at work, a Larabar! This is the coconut cream pie flavor which is probably my favorite one that I’ve tried. I also drank lots of H2O like always.


20140827_135521I made a salad for lunch and I also had some crackers with pepper jack cheese and salami slices. The salad is a spring mix with cucumbers, raw sunflower seeds, feta cheese, dried cranberries, bacon bits, and topped with balsamic vinaigrette. The crackers are gluten-free by this brand called Crunchmaster. They’re really pretty good for something gluten-free. The salami is by the brand Applegate Farms. I really like this brand for deli meats.


20140827_144949They got me again! Stupid Starbucks, why must you be on every corner?! This is a soy iced chai latte. I don’t usually drink soy milk, but I actually prefer the way it tastes with chai lattes.


I made a new recipe tonight that I found on Pinterest. It came from a blog called Honey, Ghee, and Me. This seems to be a pretty popular site, so maybe you have heard of it. The recipe is Spicy Sesame Honey Chicken and it was quite delicious in my opinion. So, thank you Natalie (from Honey, Ghee, and Me) for this recipe!! This is a crockpot recipe, so it is really easy and perfect for busy days when you don’t feel like cooking. The recipe is also gluten free, if that matters to you at all. [click here for the recipe]

Here’s a picture of some of the ingredients. I actually didn’t end up using the jalapeno because it wasn’t very fresh and had been sitting in my fridge for far too many days. I used some red pepper flakes instead.



It doesn’t look as pretty as hers because I didn’t have green onion or sesame seeds…and it was dark out and the lighting sucks. đŸ˜¦ But it was tasty, so that’s what matters most to me! I put it over brown rice and it was perfect and had just the right amount of spicy and sweet flavor.


That’s all I ate today. Now, I’m just drinking water and about to watch a few episodes of Friends and then calling it a night! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week. It’s a long weekend coming up for most of us!! If you work on Labor Day, I’m sorry! Thanks for reading.

Bows and Arrows,






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