What I Ate Wednesday, 9/3/14

Happy almost Thursday! What a fun-filled day of work and heat! If only it actually felt like fall, then the fact that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is officially back at Starbucks would make a little bit more sense. But I guess I’ll go ahead and get right to it; here’s what I had to eat today!


2014-09-03 07.48.41On my drive to work, I drank some English Breakfast tea with a small amount of my Bee Blessed honey from the local farmer’s market. I also ate a slice of bread with a small spread of light margarine and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.

When I got to work, I snacked on some sliced strawberries and a sliced peach to complete my breakfast.2014-09-03 08.48.45


My morning snack at work was a small Americano from Starbucks. Not really a “snack,” but I needed something to keep me awake.

My lid was leaking because the poor cup rim was bent. :(

My lid was leaking because the poor cup rim was bent. 😦


2014-09-03 13.16.18For lunch I had leftovers from my dinner last night and a bottle of water. I made my easy Italian chicken, which you can find the recipe for here. I also had a small amount of tri-color rotini pasta to go along with my slice of chicken.

After Lunch Snack:2014-09-03 13.23.24

My after lunch snack was multi-grain wheat thins topped with provolone cheese and salami pieces. Delicious!

Dinner:2014-09-03 17.52.22

I bought a pizza from Whole Foods for dinner tonight. I really love their pizza more than most places, and it provides enough for my boyfriend and I to have dinner, but still have leftovers (which makes a great lunch the next day!). They use really healthy ingredients (in comparison to other places), and it’s made in-house. In fact, you can watch them make it if you choose to not shop around the store instead. I also bought a small salad from their salad bar. I had organic spring mix with some Wellspring ranch and shredded cheese. I drank a glass of Monsanto Chianti Classico wine with my dinner.2014-09-03 18.01.19


After Dinner Dessert:2014-09-03 19.31.42

For dessert, I ate a French vanilla macaron from the bakery at Whole Foods. I also made myself a Roobios chai latte to go with it.

 After “After Dinner Dessert” Snack:2014-09-03 21.27.58

Since I ate dinner so early, I wanted a snack around 8:30pm, so I drove myself to Target (with the Ashley Pants) and got some Twizzler bites (mmm corn syrup…but at least it’s not the high fructose kind!) and some crack. And by crack, I mean, Muddy Buddies Chex Mix. Because now the brand sells it already mixed up in a bag, instead of making you do all the work. But really though, all Chex Mix is crack to me (reference here).


That completes my food for the day. Have a wonderful Thursday!

Bows and Arrows,


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