Pop Sugar Must Have September 2014 Subscription Box Review

I recently decided to re-subscribe to the Pop Sugar Must Have box that gets delivered monthly with various lifestyle items inside. I dropped my subscription a while ago to save money, but I recently decided to re-subscribe because I kept stalking all of the boxes every month and realized how much I wanted it again (we’ll see how long I keep it this time…I seem to convince myself that I don’t need it quite frequently).2014-09-13 16.14.27

2014-09-13 16.17.20

If you don’t know what this subscription box is, here’s a quick run down. You pay $39.95 a month and you get a box delivered to your door with various products ranging from beauty, fashion, food, fitness, and other lifestyle items that total up to at least $100.00 worth of goods. For more information, here is a link to their website. (They are unfortunately completing site maintenance, so they won’t be up and running again until September 16th.)

2014-09-13 16.18.11

On to what I received in my box this month!2014-09-13 16.18.59

Tilo Scarf2014-09-13 17.04.06

This scarf was their spoiler for this month’s box and it is so much prettier in person than any picture I’ve seen of it. It’s also very soft; I’m currently wearing it around my neck and I don’t want to take it off. It will definitely been incorporated into my fall wardrobe and I’m so excited to pair it with my all black looks that may or may not happen more than once a week.2014-09-13 21.50.45

Value: $125

2014-09-13 16.55.57Rifle Paper Co. Garance Dore card set

First of all, I love stationary! I was actually looking for some just three days ago because I’ll be sending some snail mail to my long lost cousin/dearest friend who’s just moved to DC. We are going to be pen pals now, so getting these cute little fashion inspired cards definitely made me happy. Also, I really love Rifle Paper Co. products.

Value: $18

Nicole Miller Stereo Earbuds

I love the color of these, however, these were my least favorite item in the box. I just don’t really like in-ear buds. No matter the ear cap size, they just never want to stay inside of my ears. Besides, I own Beats by Dre, so twenty dollar headphones aren’t going to impress me. But I’m sure a lot of people really enjoyed getting these in their boxes.

Value: $20

Letter C Design Gold Foil Arrow Pencils + Sharpener

I thought I was the only girl in her twenties still using pencils, but apparently not since they sent these cute little things out to everyone that’s subscribed. But really though, I love these! They have ARROWS on them! And if you couldn’t tell by the blog name, one of us really likes arrows (that would be me). I also took a look at the company’s website, and I love everything on there! And everything is affordable too.

Value: $5

2014-09-13 16.53.30

Urban Remedy Almond Brownie + $10 dollars off purchase of $50 or more

I’ve never had anything by this brand before, and I haven’t opened this brownie yet to try but it is 100% raw and gluten free.

Value: $6

Ghirardelli Minis in Milk Chocolate Sea Salt & Almond2014-09-13 23.41.38

I saw these recently in Target and wanted to get some, but I decided to be more responsible and not purchase them on impulse. I tried them a few hours after I opened my box and they are really good. And the little blue packaging is cute too! I’ll probably be popping a few of these in my lunch box this week.

Value: $5.95

2014-09-13 16.57.28

Oribe Superfine Hairspray

I’ve also never tried anything by this brand before, but I’ve heard great things about it. I don’t really use hairspray, mainly because I don’t own any, but I’m sure I can put this to use when I decide to take the time to do something cute with my hair!

Value: $21.50

Nike $20 Gift Card + Measuring Tape

This might sound really cheesy, but I really like that they included the measuring tape. I’ve wanted a fashion measuring tape for a while, I just never went out and bought one. But now I have this one! I’m not sure if this gift card can be used on anything on the Nike site, or if it’s only good for purchase of a bra, but I’ll soon find out!

Value: $20

Total Value of the Box: $221.45 (including the Nike gift card) 

My overall opinions of the September box:

For my first box after re-subscribing, I’m impressed. I know I’ll use everything from this box with the exception of the ear-buds, which are easily giftable. I’m really excited to incorporate the scarf into my wardrobe and I’ve already used one of my cards and eaten some of the chocolate. I’m excited to see what October’s box has in store, because it’s gonna be FALL, officially!!

Bows and Arrows,


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