What I Ate Wednesday, 10/1/14

It’s the first day of October! And it’s also a Wednesday, so you know what that means… I ate food today, and I took pictures of all of it for all of you beautiful people to see [my weird eating habits]. I’m posting so late tonight because today was one of those days I worked until 10pm, so that will explain my late night snacking and earlier than usual dinner time (which was at 4pm).

Breakfast2014-10-01 10.20.30

For breakfast, I had a small bowl of Cheerios, a toasted English muffin with I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter spread, and some walnuts. My drink was a cup of hot English breakfast tea and a teaspoon of organic Mascobado cane sugar.

Lunch2014-10-01 13.04.29

My lunch was the small amount of leftovers I had from my dinner last night, which was a chicken bowl from Chipotle with brown rice, black beans, cheese, and lettuce. I also had some Tostitos chips and Wholly Guacamole. I don’t know why, but I really wanted some orange juice, so that’s what I drank with my lunch.


2014-10-01 16.16.24

Just to keep the ball rolling with my leftovers, I brought dinner from home to eat at work, which happened to be leftovers from dinner on Monday night. My leftovers were the remainder of my sirloin steak and steak fries from Firebirds. I’m weird, and I didn’t drink anything with my dinner at all. But fear not, I drank water throughout the day!  Also, that’s a really crappy picture.  Sorry about it. :/

Late night snack

2014-10-01 22.28.51

A bowl of Cheerios! Yay! This is what happens when you get home at 10:30 at night and your stomach is growling. You just find the fastest thing you can eat, and for me, that was either pickles, or Cheerios.   So I went with the Cheerios. Although, I could totally have eaten the pickles, too. Oh, and then, after I finished the bowl of Cheerios, I ate another bowl. And the little cup behind my bowl is just filled with more water. With minions on it. 🙂

That was kind of a sad what I ate Wednesday, but it is what it is. Hopefully next time around, I’ll endulge myself in more fall themed foods!

Have a great Thursday!

Bows and arrows,


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