Julep Maven October 2014 Subscription Box Review

Happy Saturday!  I received my Julep Maven box on Thursday, however, this was the first chance I had to post what I got in my box!2014-10-02 20.20.03

The collection this month was titled “The Black Magic Collection” and a lot of the colors were definitely dark, rich fall colors, or perfect Halloween colors. While they still had their normal options to choose from for boxes (Bombshell, Modern Beauty, Classic with a Twist, Boho Glam, or It Girl), they also had some other options since Halloween is coming up, so I opted to get the box titled “Dark Arts.” The special Halloween themed boxes cost the same amount as the other options.2014-10-02 20.25.09

My box included 3 polishes, a top coat, chevron nail decals, and a small bag of candy corn, which I ate as soon as I opened the box.  There was also a coupon code for a free polish with the purchase of $15 dollars on their site.2014-10-02 20.27.44

2014-10-02 20.29.34


Glam Roc ($14)2014-10-03 09.00.33

This polish has a stardust finish, which is essentially a textured polish. It reminds me of that sand blasted spray paint you can get in craft stores for projects.   It has a matte finish and is a really deep purple with gold undertones. I really like it because the glitter is there, but it’s not screaming “I’m a glitter polish!!!”, and it also is matte and textured. All the things included in one polish!

Estelle ($14)2014-10-04 10.46.16

This polish is midnight black with micro-glitter. It also seems to feel like a stardust finish, although it isn’t labeled as that. The glitter is multi-colored and gives off a lot of shimmer. I really like this one more than I was expecting, because it’s a way to brighten up black.

 Cleopatra ($14)2014-10-04 11.00.55

This polish has a black latex finish, however, there is no latex in the formula. I believe that what they are trying to convey with that term is that the black has a slight matte finish with a bit of shine to it. I think this is the perfect black polish for Halloween!

Oxygen Performance Top Coat ($18)2014-10-04 11.21.37

I’ve seen this in Sephora the last few times I was in there. It’s a breathable top coat, so your nails are staying healthier than they would with other top coat options. I used this as my top coat for my current nail color (which is the Glam Roc polish), and it’s been holding up really well, even though it’s only been 2 days since I’ve had it on my nails. I’m excited to see how this top coat works over time!

I also received some chevron nail decals in this box as well, and I’m excited to try these out. I think the last time I used nail stickers, I was 12…or something like that. But these are cute and I’m hoping they last just as long as my manicure does!2014-10-04 11.22.51


So that’s what came in my box this month.  Not including the price of the candy corn or the chevron nail stickers, my box totaled to $60, and it only cost $19.99.  If you have any questions about this subscription box, feel free to ask in the comments below, or you can check out my previous post detailing the subscription service here.

Have a great weekend!  Bows and Arrows,


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