DIY: Glass Etching

2014-10-14 12.20.59When Fall arrives, it brings out the creatives.  I think so, at least.  Everyone loves decorating for fall and the holidays that follow, even those who don’t have a creative bone in their body.  This quick and easy project is a great way to decorate for fall, or even make simple gifts for friends and family.

Supplies:2014-10-14 12.15.31

Glass you want to etch (I’m using a candle)

Image you want to etch

Etching Cream (I use Armour Etch.  You can find it at Michael’s or A.C. Moore)

Duck Tape

Parchment Paper

X-Acto Knife

Cutting surface



Paper Towel


1. Trace the image you want to put on your glass onto the parchment paper.2014-10-14 11.03.30

2. Cut the proper sized piece of duck tape and place on the opposite side of your parchment paper, so your pencil side is facing up.  If you’re trying to create letters, place the duck tape on the opposite side of the parchment, so the letters will read correctly.  You will still be able to see your drawing, it will just be a bit harder to see.2014-10-14 11.05.28

3. Using your X-Acto knife, slowly cut out your image on your cutting mat.  It’s ok if you butcher the image at all, as the most important part is the outline of the duck tape (the negative space).2014-10-14 11.17.19

4.  Once you’ve fully removed the image from the rest of the duck tape/parchment paper, peel off the duck tape and place it on  your glass surface, where you want the image to be.  Press firmly to make sure there are no air bubbles near the edges of the image.2014-10-14 11.19.00

5.  Using your paintbrush, dab on a decent amount of etching cream inside your cut outs, being sure no excess runs off the edges of the duck tape.  You want the cream to be globbed on, rather than in a thin layer, so don’t worry if it looks messy.  Make sure you have a slightly thick layer everywhere that the cream touches glass.2014-10-14 11.21.38


6.  Let your glass and etching cream sit untouched for 5-10 minutes.2014-10-14 11.23.32

7.  Once it has be 5-10 minutes, carefully wipe off as much excess etching cream with a paper towel, being careful to not get any on any other parts of glass.2014-10-14 11.30.17

8. With the duck tape still on your glass, run the surface under water and, with your fingers, remove any remnants of etching cream.2014-10-14 11.30.28

9.  Once the etching cream is almost all removed, you can peel off your duck tape.  Wipe down your glass with a dry cloth or paper towel, and you’re all finished!2014-10-14 11.31.36

And here’s the final product!

2014-10-14 11.32.39

2014-10-14 11.36.02

2014-10-14 11.55.51

2014-10-14 11.58.50



2014-10-14 12.00.18

Hope you enjoyed!  Have a great fall day,

Bows and arrows,


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