What I Ate Wednesday, 10/22/14

Hi everyone!

So…this isn’t going to be the typical What I Ate Wednesday.  This week was Ashley’s turn to post all the amazing things she ate today, however, she has recently decided to take a hiatus from the blog for a while to handle all her other life happenings, so I’ll be fully taking over for quite some time!  I did not record my food from today though, because I wasn’t aware that I should be…so, you’ll get one photo…of my dinner!  Mmm sushi!  2014-10-22 20.07.03

Luckily for me, the second half of my day was the first time in about 4 days that I could taste and smell things again, thanks to this stupid cold I’ve had for a week now.  If you are curious as to what else I ate today, here’s a small rundown.  I had a bowl of Special K mixed with Cheerios for breakfast, lots of water and chamomile tea throughout the day, some cough drops, tomato soup and some bread for lunch, and about 5 fun sized Crunch bars, because yay I can finally taste again! Also, Halloween candy.  Duh! 🙂

And lucky for you, I’ll now be posting what I ate every single Wednesday, so I’ll have to get more create with what I decide to munch on throughout the day so I don’t get too repetitive.

I hope everyone had a great start to their week and that it ends wonderfully as well!

Bows and arrows,


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