DIY: Chocolate Holiday Candies

2014-12-15 14.29.25When the holidays arrive, I’m instantly more excited to get creative and do lots of DIY projects. I’m already quite a creative person, but once the holidays are here, I want to make ALL THE THINGS! However, the holidays are also the busiest time of year for me at work, so it creates sort of a clash when it comes to time. (Partly why I’ve been MIA for almost a week now. Sorry guys!)

Like I’ve done for the past I-don’t-know-how-many-years, this year I decided to make candy to hand out to friends and co-workers for Christmas. This is my first time making these in particular, but I chose to make these holiday chocolates not only because they are quick and easy to make, but also because they look so Christmas-y! Plus, who doesn’t love getting homemade treats, especially when they’re cute?! 2014-12-15 13.52.54

Ingredients:2014-12-12 17.14.36

2 bags of Wilton Candy Melts (I used 1 bag of pure white, and one bag of candy cane)

Sprinkles of any kind you wish to decorate your candies with

Food coloring (optional-I didn’t use any)

Edible sparkle dust (I used white)


Chocolate molds of your choice, cleaned and ready to use

Small glass mixing bowl


Paintbrush (that you’ve dedicated to using on food only)

Squeeze bottle that can be heated (optional)


Sealable glass storage container

Parchment paper


  1. Before you warm your chocolate, add any sprinkles you want to be on the tops of your candies to the molds, so they will stick. (If using larger sprinkle options, place these on candies afterwards.)2014-12-12 17.23.32
  2. Add candy melts to either your squeeze bottle or glass mixing bowl and microwave according to package. Be sure you aren’t microwaving on full power or your chocolate will burn!2014-12-12 17.26.50
  3. Remove candy melts from microwave and stir until smooth. (If you want to use food coloring, add it at this time.) If you need to reheat, do so in 15-second increments. Now you can begin adding your chocolate to the molds.2014-12-12 17.28.562014-12-15 13.35.41
  4. Be sure to fill each mold slightly over the line. Once all spaces are filled with chocolate, gently tap mold on counter to release any air bubbles. The chocolate will drop slowly once bubbles are removed, but you will also have some over-running.2014-12-12 17.31.40
  1. Using your spatula, remove any excess chocolate from the edges to prevent all chocolate molds from coming out in one large piece. Transfer to fridge and let stand for 20 minutes.2014-12-12 17.43.39
  2. Once chocolates are hardened in their molds, gently flip mold over and tap chocolates into glass storage container.2014-12-12 21.05.37
  3. Decorate chocolates with larger sprinkles by adding a dot of warm chocolate to the candy to act as a glue, and return to fridge to harden.2014-12-15 13.52.23
  4. Using your paintbrush, brush any candies you wish with edible sparkle dust.2014-12-15 13.50.50 2014-12-15 13.51.04
  5. Store candies separated by parchment paper in fridge until ready to hand out. They can stay out of the fridge if they are kept in a cool, dry place.2014-12-15 13.59.57 2014-12-15 13.59.132014-12-15 13.54.21

My 2 bags of candy melts made 64 pieces of candy.  Thanks for reading!signature

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