Pop Sugar Must Have December 2014 Subscription Box Review

I apologize in advance…I got a bit ranty in this post. Sowwy.2014-12-16 17.41.36

This box was so much lighter this month than it was last month. Probably because this one didn’t contain a book! I really think they have worked out all of those kinks that were caused by their website redesign. This month, I received my tracking information before my box arrived, and it also arrived in the middle of the month, and not towards the end like it has been the past 2 months. This is even more exciting because if I wish to gift any of these items (which I’m not sure I’ll even want to), I can, because they arrived on the 16th!2014-12-16 17.41.48

Moving right along, here’s what’s in the box!2014-12-16 20.29.59

Williams-Sonoma Cupcake Mix in Vanilla Bean- $14.95

2014-12-16 17.46.05

Sometimes I walk into Williams-Sonoma and stare at all the fancy kitchen supplies wishing I lived in a nice house without roommates, just so I could have the things they sell. Occasionally, I’ll buy something from their baking section, such as sprinkles, or cookie cutters. I’m really excited this mix came in the box, because I’ve always wanted to try it, I just didn’t want to spend $15 dollars on it! I’m thinking I’ll make New Year’s Eve cupcakes with a champagne butter cream frosting to go on top of these.

SPUN by Subtle Luxury- $622014-12-16 17.52.36 2014-12-16 17.58.03



The next thing I pulled out of the box was a scarf! I don’t think I’ve ever received a scarf from PopSugar that I didn’t like, and this one didn’t let me down either. It’s a gray-taupe color…not that that’s a color, but it’s definitely a neutral, with gold speckles all over it. The edges are unfinished, which I love on scarves, and it’s a very soft, thin, muslin type material. This might be my new favorite scarf that isn’t plaid! I will say though, that it is 100% polyester, which isn’t completely a problem, but I do notice that sometimes my hair gets statically charged when I wear polyester…so hopefully this scarf doesn’t cause that. Fingers crossed.

Smashbox Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquer- $242014-12-16 18.03.02 2014-12-16 18.07.12



I was actually looking at these the other day in Sephora because I was looking for a new lipgloss. This one is in the color “Bordeaux” and the box states that it is long wear, non-drying color. I’m excited to use this because I don’t have a color like it yet! Oh, and it is full size.

I did decide to try it on (just for you guys) and it’s definitely not like a normal lipgloss. It doesn’t feel nearly as sticky, and the consistency of the product is much thicker than any lipgloss I’m used to. It actually seems to resemble a creamy lipstick, which I’m even more excited about now!

Sparklepop Sydney Necklace- $42


2014-12-16 18.10.492014-12-16 18.12.39I’ll just go ahead and say it. Every piece of jewelry I have received from PopSugar (with the exception of one item), I have absolutely loved. Also, I get complimented on them all the time when I wear them. (If you notice the circle necklace I’m wearing in the above photo… that was from PopSugar and I wear it 6 out of 7 days a week.) This one I’ll be wearing all the time as well. I love layering my necklaces, and this one, I’ll definitely be getting some use out of!

Knot & Bow Parcel Tags- $42014-12-16 18.13.51


We actually sold these last year at my job, and I thought they were the cutest little things. These are going to be great for labeling my gifts to friends for Christmas, and it just so happens to match some of my Christmas cards perfectly! And I even already have some twine to go with them from this company already!

Canvas Dauville Platinum Bowl- $292014-12-16 18.19.03 2014-12-16 18.33.43




I am in love with all things house/home related, and I have been dying to buy more decorative things. And then this bowl comes, which will be another perfect catchall bowl for me to have. I’ve never heard of this brand before (maybe I should have by now…sorry guys), but now I’m really going to be checking them out. Now I just need to figure out what to store in this cute little guy…(btw, this most delicious Peppermint Bark was not in the box, just so ya know.)

 Overall Thoughts of the December Box:

I am over the top in love with this box. I’ve gotta say, this is hands down my favorite box to date. I love and will most definitely be keeping and using everything I received, so job well done Pop Sugar! The Smashbox product is something I’ve already thrown into my purse, I’ll be using the cupcake mix and parcel tags before the month is over, and the necklace and scarf will definitely be integrated into my wardrobe for the upcoming weeks. And I just can’t get over how cute this bowl is. Maybe I’ll use it as a candy dish…who knows, but it’s so stinkin’ cute!2014-12-16 18.44.17-1

Value of Box: $175.952014-12-16 18.38.28

If you wish to receive these boxes like me, just click here to sign up!

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