New Year=New Beginnings

And here's a picture of my scarf for today, just for your viewing pleasure. :p

And here’s a picture of my scarf for today, just for your viewing pleasure. :p

It’s New Year’s Eve, and you know what that means! Time for some New Year’s Resolutions. I’d like to go ahead and apologize for being M.I.A over the holidays recently…I’ve been transitioning over to a self-hosted site, so that definitely took some of my time away from actually blogging, not to mention, the holidays are crazy enough as it is, especially when you aren’t really getting any time off.2014-12-30 22.37.48

However, I have decided to set a few goals for myself this year when it comes to blogging, and what better way to encourage myself to stick to them than to tell you all about it (so you can hold me accountable)!

  1. I am going to bring back What I Ate Wednesday posts. Many people seemed to really like those, just not over and over again, so I’ll be doing them again, just most likely bi-weekly. (But they’ll be back, and so will the humor I provide with them, so get excited!)
  2. I want to post more fashion related things. I surround myself in it everyday at work, so I should be posting more about it! I’ve got a lot to say, I just never say it on here!
  3. Instead of monthly favorites, I’ll be posting them at random throughout the month. I think short and sweet works better, and that way the favorites I have aren’t being shared too late (especially if you want to get them for yourselves!).
  4. I want to post at least 2 recipes a month. I don’t think this is hard for me to do, I just thought I’d set a goal for it anyway.
  5. I want to capture more of my adventures this year. I know I’ll be going on a lot, I just need to share them with all of you.  Keep your eyes peeled, because my first adventure is coming sooner than you know! 😉

Here’s for an awesome 2015!

Bows and Arrows,


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