Pop Sugar Must Have January 2015 Subscription Box Review

I received this box on Wednesday, so I’m sorry that I’m just getting around to posting it, but I will say, I have already used 4 of the items from the box. Well, technically 3 items, but I’ll explain that down below! 2015-01-16 13.19.07

The first box that I received from Pop Sugar was in February of 2013, and I will say that throughout the past 2 years, they have done some changes, and one of the changes I really like, is the updated cards they include in the boxes detailing what you’re getting. The piece they include each month about “What inspired us for [insert month here]?” is something I really like…I’m sure most people just overlook that and jump right to what’s in the box, but I thought I’d point it out anyways. :p2015-01-14 19.40.11

Moving along!

2015-01-14 19.35.34

Here’s what I received in my box this month.2015-01-14 19.52.16

Jack + Lucy Pom Pom Hat- $322015-01-14 20.05.05

I will say that I was not overly excited about this item, because I already have a beanie that I wear all the time, so I wasn’t really in need of another one. But I put this one on, and I actually really liked it! Which is why I wore it the day after I got it, because it was surprisingly cute on my small head, even though it’s slouchy and has a pom pom on the end. Hopefully, this holds up over time…last January’s box included some tech gloves from the same brand, and mine started falling apart after maybe 2 weeks of use. :/ (I’m not sure if that was a fluke, or if it happened to a lot of the gloves.)

KeepCup Brew 12-Ounce Reusable Coffee Cup- $262015-01-14 19.45.50

2015-01-14 19.47.55

When I saw spoilers for this box, this was the item I was most excited about. I love travel mugs. It’s a glass mug with a silicone sleeve on it and a spill proof lid. The box also states that it’s barista standard, which is awesome, especially if you already prefer using your own cup vs. the standard paper cups. (I used to be a barista, so really, what they are trying to say, is that this cup fits underneath espresso machines so espresso can be brewed straight into the cup, as opposed to the usual taller, non-see-through, ceramic or plastic reusuable tumbler options.) This is definitely my favorite item in the box, and one of the items I’ve already put to use.

This item also came with a 15% off coupon code for their website.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream- $282015-01-14 19.39.13

Talk about perfect timing. If you can recall, I love this stuff. I highlighted this brand (including their Ultra Repair Cream) in my September Favorites, and I’m almost out of my current supply of this stuff, so it really just worked out that I received this just before I had to go out and buy more. I really do love this brand, and I’m happy they included it in a box! (This is the 4th product I’ve used since I got the box on Wednesday, it just literally wasn’t from this container. I’ll be saving this one for when my current one actually runs out.)

Manduka eQua Hand Towel- $162015-01-14 19.42.28

This is my least favorite thing in the box, however, I’m sure a lot of people are really excited about it. I’m sure I’ll find a way to put it to use though, because it is bigger than I thought it would be. I may even be able to use it as a hair towel!

ToGoSpa EYES- $12.502015-01-14 19.44.07

I’ve never used anything under my eyes besides cream, so I’m interested to see how these things work for me. They are supposed to reduce puffiness and get rid of unwanted dark circles, and since I am now in my mid-twenties, maybe these things will be a good add-on to my skin routine every now and then. Or maybe my skin will hate them and I’ll never use them again. Either way, I would have never considered trying anything like this if it weren’t for them being in this box.

Skin Jewel Tattoos- $182015-01-14 19.52.42

I think a lot of subscribers weren’t excited about these, but I’m actually really happy I got them! I’ve seen them be on trend since last summer, and was always eager to try them, but I never wanted to pay the price for them, so I always opted out. I do wonder why they were included in January’s box though, because they definitely seem like something that is more on trend during warmer weather. (They were sponsored by the show Empire, so that really might be the only reason why.)

General Mills Nature Valley Protein Granola- $3.682015-01-14 19.44.59

I actually really like snacking on granola, and you can’t go wrong with peanut butter and dark chocolate. I also really like that this one is full of protein, because there are some mornings that my breakfast doesn’t contain enough, and I find myself hungry just an hour after eating. I think it’s nice that Pop Sugar sometimes includes items you can find in your local grocery store. That means you get to try them without buying them in the store, and if you like it, than at least you know where to get more!

Overall Thoughts of the January Box:

Overall, I liked this box. I wasn’t over the top in love with it, but it also didn’t have a big ticket item in it. I’m still swooning over the December box, so it’s probably hard to judge this box fairly. I am definitely looking forward to what February’s box has in store, and am really hoping for some sort of candy! 🙂

Value of Box: $136.18

And just so ya know…I am in no way affiliated with Pop Sugar and was not asked to review this box for any sort of compensation, etc.. This review was posted by me simply because I wanted to. If you wish to subscribe to Pop Sugar as well, click here!

Bows and Arrows,


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