Winter Beauty Buys: Lips

Winter is probably one of the harshest seasons for my lips. They are always dry and crack easily, making it hard to wear lipstick. I did find a few things that keep my lips from looking like I’ve just risen from the dead, and I thought I’d share them with all of you!

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub– $9.952015-01-19 16.12.482015-01-19 16.13.09

When I was on the hunt for good lip scrubs, this was the one I kept hearing about. And I love it. It comes in other flavors such as mint julep, and buttered popcorn, but I am like a small child sometimes, so I had to have the bubblegum flavor! And, because it’s from Lush, it’s perfectly ok if you lick some of it off of your lips. It really does work too.

Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy by Fresh– $352015-01-19 16.41.14

I got this product in a kit over Christmas, and it’s become something that stays in my bag. It’s a smooth product that you dispense onto your finger and then apply to your lips, and it creates a barrier against the elements. I put it on my lips before I sleep at night to prevent them from drying out while I’m sleeping, and after meals before I reapply my lip balm/lip gloss, etc..

Sugar Advanced Therapy by Fresh– $252015-01-19 16.45.42

This stuff is like crack for your lips. I seriously don’t know how I go through this stuff so fast, but I do. It’s the perfect balm to put on right before any color, and it really does add an additional layer of protection against the wind and cold.

NARS Lip Gloss in Salamanca– $262015-01-19 16.24.56

This is a really high quality lip gloss that doesn’t feel sticky, yet provides a good amount of color without drying out your lips. I decided to get a vibrant pink color because I wanted to lighten up my typical dark and neutral winter wardrobe. I really do love this gloss and I’m considering getting a different color option for spring!

What are your favorite lip products for winter?

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