What I Ate Wednesday, 1/28/15

It’s that time again! The time where I publicly display what I consumed today through a series of terribly lit pictures. Yay! I know you are all so very excited.

Breakfast2015-01-28 08.36.27

Since I’m such a loyal member of the Starbucks near my job, I had a free beverage or food item loaded onto my gold card (I know, it sounds so fancy. Name on it, and all. You’re allowed to be jealous.). I went this morning and got a small coffee with half and half and one of their bacon, egg, and Gouda breakfast sandwiches. And all I paid for was the coffee.

 Lunch2015-01-28 14.00.40

I had leftovers for lunch at work today. My picture looks really sad, because I ate a good amount of it before I remembered to capture the moment. It’s rice, veggies, and there was some steak, but I devoured that as soon as it came out of the microwave. I drank some water too. Yay hydration!

Dinner2015-01-28 19.21.13

I was feeling lazy, and we also really need to go to the grocery store (more desperately than you think), so we ordered Papa John’s for dinner. Just your basic pepperoni pizza. Mmm meat, cheese, and carbs. I hydrated some more too.

Snack2015-01-28 19.24.24

Snack time! I ate the other half of my Videri dark milk chocolate bar and it was heavenly.

And now, I’m probably going to make myself some hot tea and watch some shows on Hulu before bed.

Thanks for reading!


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