What’s in my Pantry: Granola

One thing I really love to always have on hand is granola. It doesn’t matter what kind, I just find that it’s so useful and an easy go-to when you need a snack. If you get the right kind, it can also be really healthy, and help kick those hunger pains that appear mid-day. My personal favorite is the Vanilla Almond Granola by Creative Snacks Co..

2015-01-29 17.48.01

Ways to utilize granola:

  • Eat it alone, especially the chunky kind
  • Top off your yogurt
  • As a cereal
  • Mixed into oatmeal for some crunch
  • Mixed into salads
  • Added to a trail mix
  • Added to muffins
  • Make granola bars
  • make granola balls with oats
  • Added to smoothies
  • Sprinkled onto ice cream
  • On top of cupcakes
  • Added into breakfast pastry recipes


Health Benefits of Granola:2015-01-29 18.06.42

  • Aids in digestion
  • Lightweight, but filling, which aids in weight loss
  • Promotes healthy cholesterol
  • Boosts energy
  • Provides many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, such as Vitamin-C and Iron
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • & more!


Do you have granola in your pantry? If so, what kind?


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