Moving Across the City 101

2015-03-04 11.51.07Fun fact about me: I hate moving. It’s probably my least favorite thing in life to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of moving, having a new place to decorate, and usually, the place I’m moving to is more exciting to me than the place I currently am. However, the actual moving process is something I absolutely cannot stand. It causes me unwanted stress, takes up almost all of my free time, and wears me out more so than I’d like to admit. Not to mention, once you’re all moved into your new place, you then have to unpack everything, resulting in living out of boxes for a month or two.

Why am I telling you this? Because I’ll be moving across the city (I know…it’s not that far) in less than a month! I am excited for many reasons: it will be the first time Michael and I live without roommates (finally!), we will have a separate space for our office (currently our room is our all-in-one living area), we will be moving closer to the places we spend our free time, and we won’t be right on top of all the college students anymore.

2015-03-04 10.49.45

I’ve already started getting ideas of how I’m going to decorate the new place, and I haven’t packed a single thing yet!

I am also so excited to finally decorate and share my design style with you! (I just have to get through the moving process first.)

I’m going to try my very best to continue posting as frequently as I have been during this hectic month for me, but please forgive me if I don’t. In the upcoming weeks, while I’m packing my life into boxes, I’ll share with you some moving tips I’ve learned over the years, so if you’re moving soon too, you might be able to benefit from my past mistakes! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any moving tips you’d like to share with me this month, please feel free!

Bows and Arrows,


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