March 2015 Julep Maven Subscription Box Review

Happy Tuesday! I apologize for my absence yesterday. I worked this entire weekend, so I really just needed a day to catch up on errands and chores. (No excuse, I know.) When I got home, I found this box in my mailbox, so now I’ll show you what’s inside!

2015-03-09 16.22.37

I’ve been subscribed to Julep for a while, but if you’re unfamiliar with the way it works, click here to find out.

What’s in the box:2015-03-09 16.23.11

This month’s collection is called The Pop! Collection. I kept the box I would have already been receiving, but I changed the lipstick color to Stepping Out, because I thought I needed a more bold lip color to carry me into spring.2015-03-09 16.25.51

 Nayely, papaya nectar creme: $14 ($11.20 for a maven)2015-03-09 16.26.07

I was actually excited about this orange nail color, because I don’t have anything like it. It’s a soft pastel orange, and it’s already on my toes!

Get In Line Invisible Lip Liner: $16 ($12.80 for a maven)2015-03-09 16.28.36

The main reason I chose to get this box this month was because of the invisible lip liner. I’ve been on the hunt lately for a lip liner, and all the ones with good reviews are too pricy for me to purchase right now (with all my moving costs, etc.), but this one came with a lipstick and a nail polish, so I was sold! I haven’t tested it out yet, but I hope it works well!

Light On Your Lips Full Coverage Crème Lipstick in Stepping Out: $22 ($17.80 for a maven)

2015-03-09 16.26.40I really love the packaging to this lipstick.  It has magnets to keep the lid on, and it feels very sturdy.  As much as I love the look of matte lipstick on others, I can never pull it off with my constantly chapped lips, so this creme lipstick is exciting to add to my lipstick collection.  I’m excited to have a brighter pink color for the spring, and this looks like a great lipstick that can live in my purse through the season.

2 smarties candies

Julep always includes a little something extra (usually candy), and these are so nostalgic.

That’s what was in my box.  I didn’t choose to add any add-ons, but you can always do that each month at a steep discount.  Do you subscribe to Julep?  If so, what did you get this month?

Thanks for reading,



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