What I Ate Wednesday, 3/11/15

I know how excited you are to find out what terrible things I put in my body this Wednesday! 🙂  Let me just preface by saying that if I didn’t consume the number of calories and carbs that I did today, at least once a week, I would probably be non-existent at this point.  It’s carb city over here, guys.

Breakfast2015-03-11 09.57.12

For breakfast, I didn’t have much at home to work with, so I left a bit early for work, and stopped by Panera Bread and picked up an Asiago bagel with cream cheese as well as a hazelnut coffee with cream.  Their Asiago bagels are becoming addicting!

Lunch2015-03-11 13.27.31

Yes.  You saw it correctly.  I had a frappuccino as part of my lunch.  I drank a tall caramel frappuccino outside in the great weather we had (before it started raining), and ate some leftover pasta I made for dinner the other night.  It was spaghetti noodles with a lemon sauce with shrimp and wilted baby spinach.  Yum! (The recipe will be on the blog soon!)

Snack2015-03-11 14.00.52

My snack to keep me awake during the afternoon was a decent amount of M&M’s as well as a Sprite. Gotta have that sugar high to keep me going!

Dinner2015-03-11 19.22.36

And as if I didn’t eat enough carbs already, my dinner consisted of even more!  We ordered Olive Garden take-out, and I tried the Prosciutto Tortellini Alfredo, which was really good.  I also had their classic salad and 2 breadsticks.

After Dinner Drink

After dinner, I made myself a Rum Chata Hot Chocolate with whipped cream on top.

So now you know what I mean…I had carbs for breakfast, carbs for lunch, and more carbs for dinner!  I do eat lots of pasta, but I usually break it up with something different…not so much today. 🙂  That’s ok though, because everything I ate today was delicious!

Bows and Arrows,



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