My Planner Organization + Current Decoration

2015-04-17 11.49.20So, I know this is a bit different from what I usually post, however, I’ve recently discovered the planner community, and since then, I’ve been about all things planner and stationery related. Since it’s a Monday, the start of the week, I thought I’d share some peeks inside my planner and a few of my current favorites for how I decorate and organize it.2015-04-17 11.48.37

I really like my planner to double as sort of a scrapbook, so I picked up some Heidi Swapp Project Life cards to help decorate my planner.2015-04-19 10.39.33

I use stamps, washi tape, my instax printer, and stickers I’ve ordered on Etsy from different sellers to fill my planner.2015-04-19 22.06.17

This is my very favorite Etsy shop!  Sweet Kawaii Design.  She ships fast too! 🙂  I’ve also uncoiled my Erin Condren planner and placed it inside of my large personal Kikki K in Black Cherry.2015-04-19 22.06.45

I used a Heidi Swapp card from her planner line and attached it to a Martha Stewart heavy duty page flag.  I then hole punched it to place inside of my Kikki K to hold thin, translucent page flags that I picked up from The Container Store.2015-04-19 22.06.52

I made a bookmark out of another Heidi Swapp Project Life card to mark which week I’m on. 🙂

2015-04-20 13.55.48

I carry her everywhere with me. 🙂  Don’t be surprised if you see more planner related posts in the future.  I’m addicted!

Are there any other planner nerds out there that love ordering cute stickers from Etsy? Let me know in the comments, so I can become addicted to those shops too!

Have an awesome and organized week!


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