Spring Beauty Buys: Skincare

Can you believe we are already half-way through Spring?!

2015-05-13 08.25.53

Unfortunately, for the past few weeks, my skin has been acting up. I’m not sure if it’s something I’ve changed in my routine, or if it’s the weather. I feel like I find the reason why my skin does what it does, only to find out, it’s gonna do it’s own thing in a month anyways. On the bright side, I have found some products that I enjoy using and I’m pretty darn positive that these aren’t why my skin has been having a mind of it’s own.

Sun Bum SPF 30 Original Spray Sunscreen2015-05-13 08.28.20

First of all, the packaging on this sunscreen got me. Second of all, I wasn’t expecting to need to buy sunscreen the first week of May. But alas, it was in the 80s all week last week, so I needed to get sunscreen so I could start getting some color without looking like a lobster. This stuff smells great and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky. And, it definitely works!

Bliss Micro Magic Spa Powered Micro Dermabrasion Treatment2015-05-13 08.27.26

I’ve gotta say, this is probably the strangest stuff I’ve ever put on my face. But I like it! It kinda feels like you’re putting gritty toothpaste on your face. I know that sounds gross, but that’s the feeling I get when I put this stuff on my face. It has a minty smell, a cooling sensation, and is just gritty enough to really make you feel like your exfoliating your entire face. It’s another one of those products that feels like it’s working, so therefore I like it. I’ve only been using it once a week, and I’ll say that my face is definitely more radiant after use.

One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum2015-05-13 08.28.32

I just really really love the smell of gardenia. I’ve only recently discovered this about myself, but I’m glad I have. This stuff is meant to be sprayed on your skin after you shower. I love this as an alternative to lotion because it really is moisturizing.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub in Tropical Mango2015-05-13 08.27.09

I really think everyone should have sugar scrub. For the longest time, I never used it, or even really knew what it was, but once I discovered it and the benefits of having it, I can’t go without it in my shower. It’s especially useful for any of those times you’re lazy and don’t feel like shaving.

Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads2015-05-13 08.26.58

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like every female experiences this. But maybe not and I’m just one of the unlucky ones. After all of those months of wearing skinny jeans or pants that are covering your legs, shaving for the months of wearing shorts and dresses becomes difficult with those little hairs that refuse to come out. Wearing tight clothing forces your hairs in directions it doesn’t want to go, sometimes forcing it under the first layer of skin (I know, I’m probably grossing you out). These ingrown pads are great for exfoliating the skin where hairs may be hard to remove and aren’t harsh to the skin, especially on the back of the legs or behind the knees.

2015-05-13 08.26.19

Are there any recent skincare products you’ve found useful this Spring?

Bows and Arrows,


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