What I Ate Wednesday, 6/3/15

Happy Wednesday! Lately, I’ve been trying to eat in more and out less. I was good today and I packed my breakfast and lunch so I didn’t have to buy anything at work. Getting right to what I ate today…



My breakfast was a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on an English muffin. I also drank an orange juice and coffee with cream. 



Lunch was leftovers from the other nights dinner. Mac and cheese and half of a bruschetta burger. I drank water with my lunch. 



After lunch, I had some snacks: strawberries and macarons. What better snack is there?!

Snack #2:

After I got home from work, I ate some Cheez-Its.


My dinner was leftovers from lunch at Ruby Tuesday yesterday with my mom and great uncle. So delicious! I drank an Earl Grey tea with my dinner as well as a bottle of water. 

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday!

Bows and Arrows,


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