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Happy Friday!  While this isn’t what I’ve been up to this past week, I thought I’d take the time now just to highlight a few things from my recent trip to Philly and NYC.  Enjoy!

2015-05-22 12.22.37

Independence Hall in Philly.2015-05-22 13.22.14-1

The most beautiful Anthropologie I’ve ever been in. 2015-05-23 22.26.51

A slightly blurry photo of Michael and I at the wedding inside of the Franklin Institute.2015-05-25 15.25.00

Inside Chelsea Market in NYC.2015-05-25 17.33.58

Hanging out at the Biergarten under The High Line in NYC.2015-05-25 20.05.11

Getting ready for Korean BBQ in Korea Town.2015-05-25 21.49.59

NYC on Memorial Day.2015-05-26 07.29.40

We walked everywhere, and I was the only one to ever try and photograph something, so it’s always blurry.  I think  it’s time I upgrade my phone.2015-05-27 15.39.39Heading back to Raleigh and flying through beautiful clouds.

Have a great weekend everyone!



What I Ate Wednesday, 6/3/15

Happy Wednesday! Lately, I’ve been trying to eat in more and out less. I was good today and I packed my breakfast and lunch so I didn’t have to buy anything at work. Getting right to what I ate today…



My breakfast was a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on an English muffin. I also drank an orange juice and coffee with cream. 



Lunch was leftovers from the other nights dinner. Mac and cheese and half of a bruschetta burger. I drank water with my lunch. 



After lunch, I had some snacks: strawberries and macarons. What better snack is there?!

Snack #2:

After I got home from work, I ate some Cheez-Its.


My dinner was leftovers from lunch at Ruby Tuesday yesterday with my mom and great uncle. So delicious! I drank an Earl Grey tea with my dinner as well as a bottle of water. 

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday!

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Lately with Lynda

Good morning! While most of you were still sleeping, or getting ready for work, I was on a plane to Philadelphia. I’ll be out of town for almost a week, so be sure to keep up with my adventures by following me on Instagram! 

Here’s just a few tidbits from my week.

 Our appetizer from dinner at Vivace.  
Drinking a mini frappuccino on my break at work.   
Attempting to take a picture inside the castle at the Disney store. Yes, I love the Disney store. 

  Pre-flight this morning.

   I wear my aviators because it’s just meant to be when you’re flying.

 First look at Philly.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend.

Bows and Arrows,


What I Ate Wednesday, 5/13/15

I woke up early this morning, because even though I had off, I really wanted to make the most of my day. (Whether or not I actually did is a completely different story.) Tomorrow starts my journey into working 8 days in a row, before going out of town for a wedding in Philly. Please bear with me if I’m missing for a few days during my 8 day stretch…you can find me working or packing!  And get excited for my adventure diary in the upcoming weeks!

Breakfast:2015-05-13 08.35.47

I inhaled my breakfast this morning, and I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture for you all…it was really pretty too. I went to Benelux this morning for breakfast and had a medium cup of drip coffee with cream and a Belgian waffle topped with powdered sugar, whipped cream, and lots of strawberries! It was so delicious, and I didn’t even remember to photograph it until I was driving home. Sowwy.

Snack:2015-05-13 12.45.59

While I was waiting for my lunch to finish cooking, I snacked on some Pringles. I don’t know what my deal is with these, but I’ve been snacking on them a lot lately.

Lunch:2015-05-13 13.09.46

My lunch was a quinoa bowl with wilted spinach, garlic, and provolone cheese. I also drank a sweet iced tea.

Snack:2015-05-13 14.24.59

In between lunch and dinner, I snacked on some saltwater taffy from Trader Joes. I love saltwater taffy, and this is the place I can find it without breaking the bank.

Dinner:2015-05-13 21.12.04

My dinner was something you’ve seen on here before…a bruschetta burger! I also had a side of my chickpea salad. I drank water with dinner.

After dinner snack:2015-05-13 22.04.49

I decided to drink some chamomile tea and eat a peach for dessert. I wasn’t desperately craving a snack, but I needed to eat my peach before it went bad!

I’ll probably end up caving and making myself a s’more before I go to bed, but for now, this is what I’ve eaten today!

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Lately with Lynda

Happy Friday!  I’ll be working all weekend, but I hope everyone has a great weekend and don’t forget to call your mom on Sunday!2015-04-26 10.36.12

I recently discovered that chocolate Lucky Charms exist.  Why I didn’t discover this sooner, I don’t know, but they must have been sent from heaven just for me!2015-04-30 19.38.32

I haven’t seen a rainbow in quite some time, but I feel like anytime there is one, everyone has to take a picture (including me).2015-05-04 21.59.11

I’ve been addicted to making S’mores lately.  So delicious and a great late night snack!2015-05-05 14.28.06

Spending one of my days off this week out in the sun, because it’s been in the 80’s!2015-05-05 19.36.36Cinco De Mayo at North Hills on a beautiful evening.

Bows and Arrows,



What I Ate Wednesday, 4/29/15

I hope everyone had a happy hump day! It’s that time to share with you what I ate today, so here goes!

Breakfast:2015-04-29 10.28.34

I slept in today since I didn’t have to work, and by the time I woke up, I didn’t really have much time to make breakfast before I left the house. I did however make myself a cappuccino using my Nespresso machine. I haven’t used it in a while, and I forgot how awesome it was!

Lunch: 2015-04-29 11.43.54

Since I didn’t have breakfast, I ate lunch a little early, which was leftovers from a few nights ago. I had Mongolian beef with white rice and water.

Snack:2015-04-29 15.42.11

For my snack this afternoon, I ate some snickerdoodle cookies, which I’ll share more about tomorrow!

Dinner:2015-04-29 19.54.11

I made bacon-wrapped filet mignon for dinner. My sides were steamed broccoli and wilted spinach and garlic rice. I devoured the majority of it before remembering to photograph it.

After Dinner Snack:2015-04-29 21.54.12

My snack after dinner was a cup of coffee and a bag of Skinny Girl popcorn while I watched TV.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

Bows and Arrows,


Lately with Lynda

What a week!  I’m not sure about you, but my week was filled with work, errands, being tired, and drinking as much coffee as possible!  Hopefully next week will be a lot more relaxed.  I hope everyone has a great weekend…here’s a small peek at my week this week.2015-04-21 13.50.48

Spending my day off at North Hills with my fur baby taking in the sun.2015-04-21 22.38.29

Planning out my week.  I thought a cow sticker was appropriate for my dinner date tonight at a steakhouse.2015-04-22 17.24.52

Celebrating Earth Day making moss terrariums.2015-04-23 08.01.41

Casual outfit for the day + coffee, of course.2015-04-24 10.16.14

More planner decorating.

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What I Ate Wednesday, 4/15/15

Happy Wednesday! It was gross outside all day today, and it was tax day (and I owed money, unfortunately), so it wasn’t the most wonderful day that ever was, but that’s ok, because there’s always tomorrow! Instead of me going on about how poor I am now thanks to tax season, I’ll just go ahead and let you guys know what I ate today.

Breakfast: 2015-04-15 10.26.51

I was off today so I got to sleep in. I slept in a bit later than I wanted to, so I had a late breakfast, which consisted of 2 small waffles topped with light butter, powdered sugar, and strawberries. I also drank a cup of coffee with non-fat creamer…and then had another cup.

Lunch:2015-04-15 12.49.44

Since I was home today for lunch, I decided to eat some leftovers from the fridge. I had a small Italian-style burger (recipe to come soon!) topped with my bruschetta blend and shredded provolone and mozzarella cheese (I skipped the bread). I also had a small corn on the cob as well as some garlicky green beans and a bottle of water.

Snack:2015-04-15 13.21.14

In between lunch and dinner, I snacked on some cheese Pringles and drank another cup of coffee.

Dinner:2015-04-15 18.50.43

Michael picked dinner up for us from Piola, a pizza restaurant nearby. I love their San Daniele pizza, which is topped with prosciutto. I ate half of my personal sized pizza, and had water with my dinner.

After Dinner Snack:2015-04-15 21.18.39

As I’m writing this, I’m drinking a hot English breakfast black tea. I may or may not snack on more Pringles before bed…but I’m not sure yet.

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday. Have a great rest of your work week…I’m off to work 5 days in a row now (tomorrow is like a Monday for me).

Bows and Arrows,


Lately with Lynda

I apologize.  I have really dropped the ball on posting during my move. 😦  But, I’ve finally settled in enough to not feel crazy stressed, so I thought I’d update you on what I’ve been up to lately.  Also, I’ll be back to posting regularly next week!

2015-03-31 14.13.19

Gabi nervously panting at her vet appointment.2015-04-02 21.45.05

Planner sticker haul from the Etsy shop Sweet Kawaii Design.  Check out her stickers here.  They are seriously THE CUTEST!!  And, I’ve just ordered more today.  I have an addiction.2015-04-03 14.34.35

Having dippin’ dots on my break at work during a warm spring day.2015-04-04 21.20.42

Checking out a new Mexican restaurant with Michael.2015-04-08 09.20.27

Who says you can’t have strawberry shortcake for breakfast?2015-04-08 11.30.42

Spring attire on a warm spring day.2015-04-09 21.13.56

My second finished pocket letter.  I just sent it off today! 🙂2015-04-10 08.12.51-2

Yet another sticker haul, from Alex Studio.  Check her shop out here!2015-04-10 10.14.02

Things finally coming together in our new home.

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Lately with Lynda

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Here’s a peek at what happened in my week this week.
2015-03-09 16.22.37

I received my Julep Maven box in the mail. 🙂
2015-03-12 12.37.34

50 Shades of Blue?  I really like the color blue, and sometimes I wear it all at once. 🙂2015-03-11 21.21.30

Gabi and I looking alike.2015-03-11 13.30.27

Spending some time outside in the sun before the rain came.2015-03-10 12.22.59

Wearing all whites with a touch of pastels.  Can’t wait for spring.2015-03-09 19.44.11-2

Manicure party with m&m’s and the tv.2015-03-09 18.52.04First homemade meal eaten outside this year!

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