Lately with Lynda

Happy Friday!  While this isn’t what I’ve been up to this past week, I thought I’d take the time now just to highlight a few things from my recent trip to Philly and NYC.  Enjoy!

2015-05-22 12.22.37

Independence Hall in Philly.2015-05-22 13.22.14-1

The most beautiful Anthropologie I’ve ever been in. 2015-05-23 22.26.51

A slightly blurry photo of Michael and I at the wedding inside of the Franklin Institute.2015-05-25 15.25.00

Inside Chelsea Market in NYC.2015-05-25 17.33.58

Hanging out at the Biergarten under The High Line in NYC.2015-05-25 20.05.11

Getting ready for Korean BBQ in Korea Town.2015-05-25 21.49.59

NYC on Memorial Day.2015-05-26 07.29.40

We walked everywhere, and I was the only one to ever try and photograph something, so it’s always blurry.  I think  it’s time I upgrade my phone.2015-05-27 15.39.39Heading back to Raleigh and flying through beautiful clouds.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Lately with Lynda

Good morning! While most of you were still sleeping, or getting ready for work, I was on a plane to Philadelphia. I’ll be out of town for almost a week, so be sure to keep up with my adventures by following me on Instagram! 

Here’s just a few tidbits from my week.

 Our appetizer from dinner at Vivace.  
Drinking a mini frappuccino on my break at work.   
Attempting to take a picture inside the castle at the Disney store. Yes, I love the Disney store. 

  Pre-flight this morning.

   I wear my aviators because it’s just meant to be when you’re flying.

 First look at Philly.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend.

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Lately with Lynda

Happy Friday!  I’ll be working all weekend, but I hope everyone has a great weekend and don’t forget to call your mom on Sunday!2015-04-26 10.36.12

I recently discovered that chocolate Lucky Charms exist.  Why I didn’t discover this sooner, I don’t know, but they must have been sent from heaven just for me!2015-04-30 19.38.32

I haven’t seen a rainbow in quite some time, but I feel like anytime there is one, everyone has to take a picture (including me).2015-05-04 21.59.11

I’ve been addicted to making S’mores lately.  So delicious and a great late night snack!2015-05-05 14.28.06

Spending one of my days off this week out in the sun, because it’s been in the 80’s!2015-05-05 19.36.36Cinco De Mayo at North Hills on a beautiful evening.

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Lately with Lynda

What a week!  I’m not sure about you, but my week was filled with work, errands, being tired, and drinking as much coffee as possible!  Hopefully next week will be a lot more relaxed.  I hope everyone has a great weekend…here’s a small peek at my week this week.2015-04-21 13.50.48

Spending my day off at North Hills with my fur baby taking in the sun.2015-04-21 22.38.29

Planning out my week.  I thought a cow sticker was appropriate for my dinner date tonight at a steakhouse.2015-04-22 17.24.52

Celebrating Earth Day making moss terrariums.2015-04-23 08.01.41

Casual outfit for the day + coffee, of course.2015-04-24 10.16.14

More planner decorating.

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Lately with Lynda

I apologize.  I have really dropped the ball on posting during my move. 😦  But, I’ve finally settled in enough to not feel crazy stressed, so I thought I’d update you on what I’ve been up to lately.  Also, I’ll be back to posting regularly next week!

2015-03-31 14.13.19

Gabi nervously panting at her vet appointment.2015-04-02 21.45.05

Planner sticker haul from the Etsy shop Sweet Kawaii Design.  Check out her stickers here.  They are seriously THE CUTEST!!  And, I’ve just ordered more today.  I have an addiction.2015-04-03 14.34.35

Having dippin’ dots on my break at work during a warm spring day.2015-04-04 21.20.42

Checking out a new Mexican restaurant with Michael.2015-04-08 09.20.27

Who says you can’t have strawberry shortcake for breakfast?2015-04-08 11.30.42

Spring attire on a warm spring day.2015-04-09 21.13.56

My second finished pocket letter.  I just sent it off today! 🙂2015-04-10 08.12.51-2

Yet another sticker haul, from Alex Studio.  Check her shop out here!2015-04-10 10.14.02

Things finally coming together in our new home.

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Lately with Lynda

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Here’s a peek at what happened in my week this week.
2015-03-09 16.22.37

I received my Julep Maven box in the mail. 🙂
2015-03-12 12.37.34

50 Shades of Blue?  I really like the color blue, and sometimes I wear it all at once. 🙂2015-03-11 21.21.30

Gabi and I looking alike.2015-03-11 13.30.27

Spending some time outside in the sun before the rain came.2015-03-10 12.22.59

Wearing all whites with a touch of pastels.  Can’t wait for spring.2015-03-09 19.44.11-2

Manicure party with m&m’s and the tv.2015-03-09 18.52.04First homemade meal eaten outside this year!

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Lately with Lynda

My week was snow-filled, a bit crazy, and I didn’t get nearly as much accomplished as I wanted (I blame the snow).  Here’s a peek at my last few days!
2015-02-24 13.20.34

My little furry snow angel catching all the snowflakes.

2015-02-25 09.51.37

My teeny tiny snowman with no face.  He melted about an hour after he was born.

2015-02-24 02.57.54

Hanging out in the snow.

2015-02-25 10.45.49

Preparing myself for the cold weather, but in spring colors.

2015-02-26 13.00.23

Gabi eating her snowball.  She played with it outside, and then brought it inside to eat. She’s a silly goose. 🙂

2015-02-26 14.19.00

Look what I got!  I somehow managed to received this on the snow day while my power was out, and I’m so excited to share my review of the products inside. The products in this box were sent to me complimentary for testing purposes, and I’ll share more with you in my review next week!

Have a great weekend,




Lately with Lynda

I’m off this weekend, so I’m trying to make the most of it by filling my days with fun and getting all my errands for the week done now.  Here’s a glimpse from my past week!2015-02-14 10.22.54

Valentine’s macarons from Michael.  They were so delicious!

2015-02-20 11.53.43

I bought myself a little something for Valentine’s Day.  If you haven’t heard of Sugarfina, you should definitely check it out!

2015-02-17 11.51.55


Spending a day outside in the snow (who are we kidding…it was all ice) with my little Gabi goose.

2015-02-19 13.53.35

Attempting to stay warm on a cold day at work.

2015-02-17 21.48.45

Ending a work night with a rose water bubble bath.

2015-02-21 11.10.14

Spending my Saturday morning at my favorite spot, Lucettegrace, a perfect start to my weekend.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

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Lately with Lynda

I’ve decided that instead of calling this series “A Week in Pictures,” I’m changing it to Lately with Lynda.  Why?  Well…mainly because I can 🙂 , but also because I really like alliteration.  What do you think?

2015-01-31 10.13.29-2

Starting off my weekend right with breakfast at Lucette Grace in Downtown Raleigh.

2015-01-31 11.52.31

Touring some potential new places to live in T-minute 3 months.

2015-01-31 15.03.45

Grabbing lunch at The Yardhouse in North Hills.  This surf and turf burger was awesome.

2015-02-04 09.40.40

My flowers might almost be dead, but they still look pretty fancy up against a white wall.

2015-02-04 12.25.48

Crafting moment with Lynda…I had to make some birthday cards for the month (more info to come soon!).

2015-02-04 15.25.46

Midweek snack from, you got it, Lucette Grace.  This thing was delicious!

2015-02-04 20.32.27

Yes…I had a lot of snacks this week.  Well, chocolatey things that I decided to share with all of you…but this edible cookie dough is heaven in a jar.  Just so you know. (And you can buy it at Harris Teeter!)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


My Week in Pictures 12/15-12/21

The week before Christmas is officially over, and it still doesn’t feel like Christmas is only 4 days away to me.  I finally finished wrapping all my presents for others tonight, and am about to hop in bed since I work before the sun comes up tomorrow!2014-12-16 18.33.49

Eating some delicious Peppermint Bark (Apothecary’s Kitchen- the best ever) out of my new bowl from my December Pop Sugar box.2014-12-17 23.27.25-2

Preparing for my midnight Christmas wrapping party with myself, with some much needed music and tea.2014-12-18 13.05.05

A beautiful December sky here in Raleigh while on an afternoon walk with my fur child.2014-12-18 18.26.31

A close up of my Sugar Plum cupcake from Gigi’s. So delicious.2014-12-19 11.17.35

Never ending Christmas wrapping.  This year I went with gold paper, and black and white twine.2014-12-21 17.56.23

The cool metal reindeer in Arhaus…maybe one day I’ll have a yard big enough to house one of these.2014-12-21 18.01.33-2

The winter white display at Pottery Barn.2014-12-21 21.59.49

The last gift I had to wrap this year (we hope).

2014-12-21 22.26.36Ending my weekend with some hot chocolate, a holiday candle, and the good ol’ internet.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, safe travels, and an awesome holiday!

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