May Favorites

It’s so weird to me that it’s already June! I felt like May went by so quickly, but I’m excited for the summer weather to come. Here’s a quick run down of my favorites from May.

  1. Jessica Simpson Emerita Sandals2015-06-02 17.50.10

I found these heels on sale at Belk, and couldn’t pass them up since I needed an open-toed heel for the wedding I was attending. They were surprisingly comfortable to wear for hours and I can see myself wearing them with many other outfits moving into the summer season.

  1. Madewell Stitchtake Dressstitchtake1

If you’ve seen my last post, you already know I love this dress. I’ve only had it for not even two weeks down and I’ve worn it 3 times. I know I’ll continue to love this easy dress for quite some time.

  1. Trader Joe’s Salt Water Taffy2015-05-13 14.24.59

I really do love saltwater taffy, and Trader Joe’s is one of the only places I can find it at a reasonable price. All of their variety flavors are delicious and they always have it in stock.

  1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania2015-05-22 11.43.57

This was my first visit to Philly and I really did enjoy it. The city is very walkable, and all of their shopping areas are so pretty. I would definitely recommend visiting if you get a chance, and I can’t wait to go back!

  1. Madewell Zip Transport Tote2015-06-02 17.47.03

This bag was perfect for traveling. While I love my transport tote and I carry that around everywhere, this bag was the perfect carry on size, and it made me feel better that it zipped up. It was great to carry around to ensure the safety of all my things while I distracted myself with all the sights I was seeing.

  1. Sun Bum Sunscreen Spray2015-05-13 08.28.20

I mentioned this sunscreen recently, but I really did love this stuff this past month. I used it a lot while I was traveling because I spent a lot of time outside walking around in the sun. It smells great, doesn’t leave you feeling sticky at all, and legitimately works, and you can’t go wrong with that.

  1. Crispy M&M’s2015-05-26 11.01.30

Michael and I picked some of these up at the M&M’s store in Times Square, and I didn’t even realize they were back! I’ve always loved the crispy M&M’s and I’m excited that I can enjoy them again!

  1. New York City2015-05-25 02.01.12

I mean, do I even have to say why this was a favorite of mine this past month? I’ll just leave it at that.

  1. Alex Studio June Subscription2015-06-02 17.42.44

Me and my planner addiction really enjoyed the surprise set of stickers and extras from The Alex Studio. It’s such a cute idea to have wacky holidays for each day of the month (I love that stuff!), and now I have a reason to buy donuts this Friday.

  1. Midtown Nail Spa

This nail place in North Hills will definitely be a place I go back to in the future. Their staff was very friendly, and I went with Ashley and we both had an awesome time. The price was also comparable to many other nail salons in the area, but they really cared about keeping friends with friends (we’ve been to places that separate you…not ok!).

And now I’m going to get myself excited for all the things to come in June!

Bows and Arrows,


March & April Favorites

Since I epically failed last month on posting my favorites, I decided to combine my March and April favorites into one post. Without hesitation, here are the things I’ve been loving these last 2 months.

  1. Saucony & Madewell Dxn Trainers Sneakers2015-04-27 05.23.38

If I could wear these every single day, I would. They look great with skinny jeans and dresses, and are actually athletic shoes, so I can go from running errands, to running with my dog (who are we kidding, I don’t run…but I do walk with her). I’m definitely planning on taking these with me on my trip next month while exploring the city.

  1. Elements of Style Designing a Home & a Life Book2015-04-27 05.18.47

This is the perfect coffee table book, and it’s inspiring for decorating my new place as well!

  1. Better Call Saul
Image via Google

Image via Google

If you liked Breaking Bad, you should watch this show too. I’ve gotta say, it’s not as epic as Breaking Bad, but I still think it’s a great show, and I can’t wait for it to return!

  1. Instax Share Printer

2015-04-27 05.23.04I love this little thing! It’s great to quickly print tangible photos from things I capture through my phone. I love storing the little pictures in my planner, as well as giving them away as cute little unexpected gifts.

  1. Sweet Kawaii Design Etsy Shop

2015-04-27 05.33.07If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve been obsessed with my planner lately. Well, I’ve also been obsessed with the stickers from Tesia on her Etsy shop Sweet Kawaii Design. It’s always exciting to see the new stickers she comes out with as well, and she ships so quickly!

  1. Intoxicated- Martin Solveig & GTA

I cannot stop playing this song, so I thought I’d share it with all of you! It’s ok if you hate it. I know I have a different taste in music than most people with similar personalities as me. :p

  1. Kikki K Leather Personal Planner Large in Black Cherry

2015-04-27 05.20.41I have been carrying this planner around since I received it in the mail. I love the quality of the leather and it’s durability, as well as how much it holds. I did replace the inserts with the Erin Condren, but I still love having a ring binder system for my planner, and this one is perfect.

  1. Last Man on Earth

Image via Google

Image via Google

If you’re looking for another show to watch, watch this one. It’s quirky, the fangirl from Flight of the Conchords (the show) is in it, and it’s really easy to watch while doing other things. And I’ve legitimately laughed out loud a lot while watching this. So you should watch it, because it will make your day better!

  1. Produce Candles Rhubarb Candle

2015-04-27 05.26.19If you recall, I received this candle in my latest Pop Sugar Must Have box, and I love it! I’m burning it as I type this up, and anytime I’m in my living room, this thing is lit on my coffee table. It smells sooooo good, and reminds me so much of spring.

  1. Wow Baking Company Snickerdoodle Cookies

2015-04-27 05.23.56Be careful with these guys. They are addicting. I got them on a whim, and they were so good, I ate the whole bag in two days. I bought them at Target, and the next time I went back to get more, they only had 2 bags left! They are really soft, just like snickerdoodle cookies should be in my opinion, and you’d never know they were wheat and gluten free if you didn’t read the bag.

So there you have it! What were your favorites this month?

Thanks for reading,


February Favorites

I’m going to go ahead and blame my absence these last few days on Kevin Spacey. Typically, I post my monthly favorites on the last day of the month, or the first day of the new month…but I’ve been slacking this weekend because, well, Kevin Spacey. And that damned dress (if you don’t know what I’m referring to, just click here).

I’m back and at it, so here are my favorites from the month of February.

  1. Lucettegrace2015-02-21 11.10.14 2015-02-14 10.22.54

I was going to make my first favorite the Valentine’s macarons I got from here, but then I realized I should just make the entire business my first favorite (and to be honest, it’s probably going to be my favorite for a while). It’s located in downtown Raleigh, and if you live in Raleigh, or even in the triangle, you should definitely check this place out.

  1. U.S. Apothecary Rose Water Bubble Bath2015-02-14 11.31.43

This was the bubble bath I received in my February Pop Sugar box. I recently ran out of my bubble bars from Lush, and this was much needed for my relaxation baths at night and came at just the right time. I also think it was the perfect scent for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Madewell Flea Market Flaresflares6

I am so glad that flares are back in style again. I’ve always loved a really wide leg pant, because I’m 5’4” and pants like this with heels underneath makes me look so much taller than I really am. And sometimes it’s fun to walk around all day acting like I’m naturally 5’7”.

  1. Bauble Bar Arrow Necklace2015-03-01 19.13.29

For obvious reasons, I love arrows. And this necklace, also from February’s Pop Sugar box, is one of my favorite necklaces! For the longest time, I’ve been trying to find the perfect tiny little gold arrow necklace, and I’ve never been set on buying one when I see it, because I think there might be a better one out there. But this one just came to me, so of course I love it. Pop Sugar made my decision for me.

  1. Skinny Girl Nutrition Bars2015-02-11 14.48.52

I recently tried these, because I found them while at Marshall’s when I wanted a snack, and they were delicious. I’ve purchased more boxes since then from Target, and I love throwing these in my purse as a quick snack in the middle of the day when I need a pick me up.

  1. Vineyard Vines Down Jacketsnowinsta2

I’ve had this jacket for some time now, and it never lets me down in the cold weather. With the frequent snow we’ve had this month, this jacket has become by blanket while outside. Also, I love that it’s navy, because it matches everything and lightens up my sometimes all black outfits during the winter.

  1. Sephora Fragrance Sample Bag2015-03-01 19.14.52

I received this with one of my Sephora orders, and am so happy to try all of these scents. Thanks to this little pouch of scents to test, I have an idea of some new spring scents to try out in T minus 19 days! Unfortunately, this deal is no longer available, but they do sell fragrance sets that come with a voucher for one full sized bottle of the sample vials you test out.

  1. Sugarfina Bento Box2015-02-18 16.37.55IMG_1229-1

If you know me well, you know I love sweets. I ordered these and just so happened to receive them on a(n) snow ice day in the middle of the month. The packaging is absolutely adorable, it comes with a handwritten card, and all the candy tastes delicious. Plus, it feels like you’re really snacking on elevated candy (because you are!).

All opinions in my favorites posts are my own and I am not asked to make these posts by any brand or company listed in my favorites each month. I am also not compensated or sent any of these items for free, and if I were, I would most definitely let my readers know!

Happy March!


January 2015 Favorites

This list isn’t going to be as long as my usual monthly favorites post, but that’s because I listed some of my favorites earlier in January (+ some of my favorites are included in my Winter beauty buys).

  1. Serial Podcastimage1

Thanks to one of my friends, I started listening to this…and then finished listening to this in about 72 hours. I was up a couple of nights until 3am because I just couldn’t stop listening. I know I’m probably late to jump on the train of people listening to this podcast, but it was just so interesting. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you should, and then you should contact me so we can talk about it!

  1. Sally- Hardwell feat. Harrison

Yes, I know this is a strange favorite. I listen to a lot of EDM podcasts, and this song was on one of them, and now I can’t stop listening to it. Warning: this song needs a warning. So, there’s your warning. Listen at your own risk. 🙂

  1. House of Harlow 1960 Plateau Triangle Midi Ring2015-02-01 12.54.20

I’ve been wearing this since I got it in the mail. It’s my one and only midi-ring, and I like that it’s not so delicate as others I’ve seen.

  1. Madewell High Riser Skinny Skinnys: Tore Knee Edition in Clayton Wash2015-02-01 12.59.59

I have been living in these! I love the rise, where the rips hit me, and how comfortable they are. They are really easy to dress up a bit too, and you can definitely tell they are perfectly distressed, and not an at-home attempt at distressing denim.

What were your favorites for the month of January?

Bows and Arrows,


New Year’s Favorites

The holidays are finally over, and everyone is getting back into the swing of things, and taking down the last of their decorations before the workweek starts back up. Lucky for me, my vacation starts on Monday, since I didn’t really have one over the holidays. Here are a few of my favorite things from the past two weeks that got me through working during the holidays.

The Apothecary’s Kitchen Peppermint Bark2014-12-16 18.33.49

This is the best peppermint bark I’ve ever had. I think what makes it so awesome is how thin it is, which isn’t usual for peppermint bark. It’s also local, which makes me love it even more. And peppermint bark can totally live into January.

Monogram Mug from Anthropologie

2015-01-03 20.44.22 I got this as a Christmas present from a co-worker, and it’s been my go-to mug for the last week. It holds just the right amount of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. and looks adorable on my desk.

 Spun Scarf by Subtle Luxury from the December Pop Sugar box

2014-12-16 17.58.03

I really have loved this scarf since I got it. It’s a perfect weight to pair with heavier sweaters, and it went wonderfully with all my festive outfits over the holidays.

Stabilo Pens

2015-01-03 20.50.42 My collection of Stabilo pens really came in handy when I was preparing myself for the New Year, organizing my planner, and writing out my schedule for January. I also used these bad boys to write out all of my Christmas cards. I’ve been carrying them around in my purse, so I can always write things colorfully.

Have a great week!

Bows and Arrows,



November Favorites

Holy cannoli, it’s December already?! I usually try to have my monthly favorites posted on the last day of the month, but November 30th really snuck up on me, so it’s going up today tonight!

  1. Orange Blossom Cloister Honey2014-11-25 16.05.13

For the past two years, I’ve been attending the annual Shopping Spree in Downtown Raleigh at the Convention Center as a start to Christmas shopping, and both years I’ve been, Cloister Honey from Charlotte has been there as a vendor. I bought honey from them both times, and without fail, they keep me wanting more. They are my favorite small business honey makers for sure. This year I purchased the Orange Blossom honey, and have been using it all month in my tea, and also on top of my pie crust cookies (the recipe I shared recently).

  1. Archer Farms Skirt Steak2014-12-01 18.23.09

This was actually in 2 WIAW posts not too long ago. It is honestly one of the easiest dinners I’ve made in a long time. I put these skirt steaks in my Crockpot with a small amount of water, turn it on low before I leave for work, and when I get home, it’s done, and ready to serve! It’s so delicious and I love how easy it is to make.  They also have about 5 flavors to choose from and my 2 favorites are Garlic and Herb and Carne Asada.

  1. Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy2014-12-01 16.04.06

For about two weeks in November, my lips were so chapped that it felt like they were constantly burning. Nothing I had at home would make the burning stop, and sometimes at night, my lips would crack open when I was sleeping (lovely image, I know). In years past, my basic chap stick options would fix this, but not this year. I discovered the Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy and began using it at morning and at night, and it worked wonders on my lips. No more super chapped lips. Yay!

  1. NARS Blush in Orgasm2014-12-01 16.07.02

Gotta love the color names of NARS products. 🙂 I’m sure every beauty guru has mentioned this product at some point or another, and if you’re even somewhat obsessed with makeup, you either already have this product, or have seriously contemplated purchasing it. I only have one other blush that I use, and it’s a matte pink shade in a bronzer/highlighter/blush palette, so I finally made the plunge, and purchased this one, and have been wearing it every day since. It really is a great basic blush for all skin tones.

  1. Hollywood Fashion Secrets Sweater Saver2014-11-14 23.09.52

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have mentioned this thing to someone and raved about how awesome it is in the past month. Seriously. If your sweaters are pilling, go to Target or Ulta right now, and buy this bad boy. It’s a lifesaver. I mean sweater saver.

  1. Mine Chalkboard Soy Message Ceramic Candle2014-10-27 19.20.00

I got this in my October Pop Sugar Must Have box and wasn’t sure about how excited I was about the scent. Lo and behold, I’ve burned the entire candle already! So now it’s an empty chalkboard jar that I’ll probably turn into a pen holder on my desk. Who knows…DIY project to come!

  1. Madewell Sidney Boots in Pecan2014-12-01 18.31.57

I believe I purchased these boots in September, but I’ve probably chosen to wear them 3 out of 7 days of the week every week since. They are extremely comfortable if you’re on your feet all day, and they are also the perfect shaft width if you have no calf muscle whatsoever like me. The brown is also a great color as well and balances well even when wearing a lot of black.

  1. Russell + Hazel Desk Calendar2014-12-01 16.04.47 2014-12-01 16.05.04

I don’t know why I needed a new desk calendar a month and a half before the end of the year, but I did. I saw this one in The Container Store when I was shopping for Christmas presents, and I had to have it. It’s completely blank. You fill in the days, the month, and pretty much do whatever you want to it. No fancy designs or anything. Which to me, is awesome, because I love doodling and designing my own organizational calendar. There is also a section at the bottom for notes, and a section on the side with each day of the month in a “to-do” list form.

  1. Sephora Pro Precision Smudge Brush #292014-12-01 18.33.08

I needed a new eye shadow brush. I did. I needed it. Because the only other ones I have are by ELF (which for a very affordable brand, has some really good quality items), but the brushes I have from them have bristles that occasionally fall out. The brushes are also meant more for sweeping one color all over your eyelid, and not necessarily providing precision placement of shadows, and ya know, sometimes, I like putting multiple colors of shadow on my lids. This Sephora brush didn’t let me down! And it even comes with a brush cap, so it can stay safe and clean while traveling.

  1. Merrick Natural Wet Dog Food2014-11-25 16.14.41 2014-11-25 16.09.41

This one isn’t necessarily my favorite, but rather, one of Gabi’s favorites, but I’m putting it here for the world to see. The names and packaging of their wet dog food options are awesome, they are grain free, and they make little cans (which say they are for toy breeds, but really it’s just because of the size of the can) that I can feed to Gabi all at once mixed into her dry food. She’s kinda picky when it comes to wet dog food that has been sitting in the fridge. She even got a Thanksgiving Day Dinner flavor for Thanksgiving!  If you live in Raleigh, you can pick these cute little cans up at Phydeaux.

Let me know if any of you love any of these products as much as I do! And Happy December!

Bows and Arrows,


October Favorites

2014-10-30 11.14.08Holy cow, how is it already the end of October!? I feel like I was so excited for October to get here, and it’s already gone, and I still feel like it’s just started! At least the upcoming months are fun ones too! Here’s my favorites for the month of all things pumpkin, fall, and the such. 🙂

  1. Band Aid Friction Block Stick

2014-10-29 22.12.27I bought this stuff towards the end of summer, but forgot about it, until I really needed to break in some shoes in the middle of September. It works so well, that I needed to put it in my October favorites, so I could tell you about it. This stuff is perfect to use when you’re breaking in flats, heels, or any other shoes that seem to rub on parts of your feet and leave painful blisters. If you apply this before wearing your new shoes, and keep the container with you throughout the day for any “touch ups,” you won’t get any blisters. It’s amazing.

  1. Studded Kiss Lipstick Set by Kat Von D

2014-10-30 10.58.53I’ve recently been getting into lipsticks. I’ve mentioned before that my lips are constantly chapped, making it harder to get away with wearing matte lipsticks, but I finally caved and got this lipstick set, which includes 9 different lipstick colors. I think my two current favorites from this set are “Bachelorette” and “Lovecraft.” Either way, I am not disappointed at all with these beauties and I know I’ll use all of them at some point. Also, one full sized Studded Kiss Lipstick is $21 dollars, but this set including 9 sample sizes (which are still pretty big) is $39 dollars at Sephora, so I think it’s worth it if you want multiple color options to try out.

  1. Petco Dog Treat Bar

2014-10-30 09.43.45Petco recently had a sale on their dog treats from their treat bar, making them half off their price per pound, which is typically under $5 dollars. I got my fur baby over a pound of a variety of healthy dog treats and cookies for under $3 dollars, and Gabi loves them all…especially the ones that look like little chocolate chip cookies (and they smell like chocolate chip cookies too!).

  1. Lush Sparkly Pumpkin2014-10-13 23.01.37-2

Since I was sick for an entire week this month, I found that I got a bit more stressed out that I do on a normal basis. Probably because I felt like I lost an entire week out of the month when it comes to getting things done. It was nice to have something to help me relax at the end of the night with this bubble bar from Lush, and the scent actually helped open my nasal passages through the end of my cold.  It also lasted for multiple baths, as opposed to the bath bombs…just a small crumble of this under running water makes the whole bath bubble up.

  1. Madewell Rangeplaid Scarf

2014-10-18 13.41.27I already have a plaid scarf, which I mentioned in my December favorites last year, but I decided that I needed another one…in a different color scheme. So now, I can pretty much wear a plaid scarf with every outfit. If one doesn’t work, the other one will! There is one difference between these two scarves though. This one is huge, and doubles as a shawl, which makes me love it even more.

  1. My Tiny Pumpkin

2014-10-29 22.13.09It wouldn’t be October without a pumpkin somewhere in the house. I picked up the tiniest one I could find at Whole Foods to keep on my desk next to my almost empty Teakwood & Tobacco candle I mentioned in my August Favorites.

  1. Halloween Puppy Chow

2014-10-24 18.04.29Yes, this is one of the things I made myself, and the recipe can be found here. But it’s addicting. I made an entire batch, and it’s really hard to stop eating it. It’s definitely a delicious fall-inspired snack that lasted me through the second half of October. I’m even considering creating more varieties for the upcoming months, inspired by different seasonal flavors! Ginger cinnamon puppy chow anyone?! Also, Happy Official National Candy Corn Day! 😀

  1. Tazo Calm Tea

2014-10-30 09.10.25This tea got me through my miserable cold this month. It was soothing on my sore throat, and when I could no longer taste, it would open up my sinuses just enough so that I could smell the chamomile. It also tastes really good when you’re not sick too!

  1. Happy Socks

2014-10-29 22.16.18If you read my Pop Sugar Box review, you’ll see that I got a pair of these in my last box, that are very similar to ones I already have. I’ve been wearing my tall riding boots a lot this month, and these socks are perfect for those. They also come in fun colors and patterns, so they are great to wear when you want something cute peeking out from your booties.

Thanks for checking out my October Favorites!  What were yours this month?  Let me know in the comments!

Bows and Arrows,


September Favorites

2014-09-29 23.26.03Can you believe September is already over?  I’m honestly surprised it went by so fast!  Since it’s already over, here are a few of my favorite things during the month of September.

First Aid Beauty Fab Faves To Go Kit2014-09-29 15.13.33

This kit contains three of First Aid Beauty’s most popular skincare products in travel sizes. I had never tried this brand before, until the lady at my local Urban Decay counter in Belk told me about how great it was. I bought it at the beginning of August, and I’ve gotta say, I love all three of these products. They have definitely made my face feel and look infinitely better than before I was using these three products, and the ingredients in them are also much better than other skincare products. It’s also great for sensitive skin (which I have)! I bought my kit at Belk, but this kit can also be purchased at Sephora.

Chapel Hill Toffee2014-09-29 15.10.05

I guess I’m just going to continue posting local chocolates in my monthly favorites each month! But really though, I love English toffee, and this toffee is made locally! It’s all natural, gluten free, and contains pecans and dark chocolate, and just 3 other ingredients. If I didn’t stop myself, I could eat the whole box at once. These can be found in the RTP area at Whole Foods.

David & Young Wool Floppy Hat2014-09-22 12.02.57

I was on a mission to find a floppy wool hat for fall that fit my tiny head without making me look silly, like a small child, or shorter than I am already. It took a while, but then I came across this David & Young black floppy wool hat at Uniquities in Cameron Village. I love it so much, and it was more affordable than a lot of other options I had been coming across online! It also comes in a camel color and a light gray as well. It’s definitely already become a staple accessory in my fall wardrobe (which you can see here)!

Boom Chicka Pop! Sweet & Salty Kettlecornboomchickapop

We can thank Ashley for introducing this to me! I had never heard of it until she showed it to me at Target one night, and once I tried it when I got home, I loved it. I’m not a big popcorn person, but I’ve always loved kettlecorn. This is a great snack and only contains 4 ingredients!

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Cherry2014-09-29 15.09.05

So, not to confuse you, but the color is called cherry…that isn’t the flavor of this lip balm at all (and it comes in many different colors). It’s SPF 15 and provides buildable coverage. It made it into my favorites list this month because my lips have been a bit more chapped than usual, and this product is a great way to add color to chapped lips without emphasizing the fact that you actually have chapped lips (and also while moisturizing)! A great alternative to a classic red lipstick and it stays on for quite some time. The only downside is that I really wish it came in a lipstick shape, rather than a flat top to smooth on your lips…that makes it hard to apply around the philtrum…you know, that divot right under your nose!  If you want to try this product, you can find it at Sephora.

Fjallraven Kanken in Light Dusk2014-09-29 15.12.49

I love this backpack so much! It’s just the right size to fit the contents of my purse + my 15 inch Macbook Pro without getting too heavy. I think it’s the exact size that a backpack should be! Lots of backpacks are too big, which tempts you to put more into them, and that can end up causing back problems! No bueno. But with this one, you can’t shove too much in there.  If you want one like this, you can find them on Amazon.

This was a shorter list than usual, but I’m sure I’ll make up for that in October, because that’s when fall is really in full swing and I’m sure I’ll find a lot that I love then! 😀

So we can all wake up now that September has ended, and welcome in October with Pumpkin Spice Lattes, oversized sweaters, and all things fall!

Bows and Arrows,


August Favorites

Happy Labor Day! Since we are jumping right into September, I thought I’d share my August Favorites with everyone!

  1. Videri Chocolate

    Videri Sea Salt Chocolate and Dark Milk Chocolate with collectable box.  Purchased from the factory in Downtown Raleigh

    Videri Sea Salt Chocolate and Dark Milk Chocolate with collectable box. Purchased from the factory in Downtown Raleigh

Local chocolate. Delicious chocolate. I don’t think I need to even say anything else because it speaks for itself. If you’re in Raleigh, just go try it. You’ll know why it’s on my favorites list after you do!

  1. Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Foundation

    Urban Decay Naked Foundation Shade 1.0 with Optical Blurring Brush

    Urban Decay Naked Foundation Shade 1.0 with Optical Blurring Brush.  Purchased from Belk.

This is the first liquid foundation I’ve ever used. Ever. I know. I used to use Bare Minerals powder, but over time, I felt like it just wasn’t doing its job when it came to my combination skin. However, this stuff does. It goes on so well, and it doesn’t cake like previous liquid foundations I’ve sampled in stores like Ulta and Sephora. I recommend checking it out if you are still searching for a liquid foundation to love.

  1. P.F. Candle Co.- Teakwood & Tobacco

    P.F. Candle Co. Teakwood & Tobacco.  Purchased from Madewell

    P.F. Candle Co. Teakwood & Tobacco. Purchased from Madewell

My birthday happened, so I say it’s now time to move into Fall. This candle smells like Fall. And I want it to be Fall. So I burn this candle in my room because it makes me believe that it is Fall even though it’s not. Fall.

  1. Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub- Hawaiian Kukui Nut

    Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub in Hawaiian Kukui.  Purchased from Ulta.

    Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub in Hawaiian Kukui. Purchased from Ulta.

Oh how I wish you could smell this right now. Every time I use it, the smell whisks me away to a calm and relaxing spa. (BTW, I’ve never actually been to a spa, so this is what I imagine a spa to smell like.) It’s so relaxing and it just smells so dang good. And it works. Just like sugar scrub should work.

  1. Russell + Hazel Planner Accessories

    Russell + Hazel Planner accessories.  Purchased from The Container Store.

    Russell + Hazel Planner accessories. Purchased from The Container Store.

ALL THE ORGANIZATION. Really though, at the beginning of August (or maybe the end of July, I cannot remember), Ashley and I went to The Container Store and got ALL THE PLANNER THINGS!!! And I’m so happy I did. Because now my planner is super customized to what I want it to be like, and I just love it so. So thank you Russell + Hazel, for taking all of my money so I could organize my life even more than I already have.

  1. Veda x Madewell Leather Moto Jacket

    Veda x Madewell Moto Jacket

    Veda x Madewell Moto Jacket

Leather jacket love. My birthday present to myself. I’ll probably be wearing this at least 1/3 of the year.

  1. Spring Meadow Tide Pods

    Spring Meadow Tide Pods.

    Spring Meadow Tide Pods.

Just ALL THE SMELLS this month, ok! Don’t judge me. First the candle, then the sugar scrub, and now, I know…laundry detergent. It just smells so good. And every time I need to get laundry detergent, this scent is already sold out, so this is the first month I’ve been able to try it. And now I know why it’s always sold out. Because it just smells like wonderfulness. And yes, it’s like I’m confusing all the seasons (I’m aware of it!)…it’s still Summer, I want it to be Fall, but my laundry smells like Spring.

  1. Tarte Colored Clay Eye Primer

    Tarte Colored Clay CC Eye Primer.  Purchased at Sephora.

    Tarte Colored Clay CC Eye Primer. Purchased at Sephora.

What can I say? I like my eye primers. When I’m not using my Urban Decay eye primer in Sin, I’m using this one! It’s like a crayon that you color onto your eyelid and it makes whatever pigment you apply afterwards so vibrant. Seriously. It makes your shadow look exactly like it does in it’s palatte/pot. Also, no smudging throughout the day!

  1. C. Wonder Ring Set

    C. Wonder Ring Set.

    C. Wonder Ring Set.

    I stumbled upon these when I was wandering around during my lunch break one day, and they were on sale, so I brought them home with me because I like stacking rings. I also really liked the 3 different colored metals and I use them to sandwich other rings onto my fingers. Yay ring sandwiches!

  2. Anthropologie Homegrown Monogram Mug

    Homegrown Monogram Mug from Anthropologie.

    Homegrown Monogram Mug from Anthropologie.

I bought this for myself (essentially anything I bought this month was a birthday present to myself) because I liked it. Plain and simple. And I wanted another mug to drink from in the morning. I was getting tired of my basic ones, and because this one has an L on it, it’s like I’ve psychologically tricked everyone else into not using it!


Bam. My August favorites. What were yours? Let me know in the comments below!

Bows and arrows,


July Favorites

  1. Birkenstocks2014-07-20 09.03.00

I finally gave in and bought myself a pair of Birks, and I’m so happy I did! They are super comfortable and actually don’t make my feet look gigantic like I thought they would.

  1. Lil Piglet Paper Clips2014-07-31 09.23.31

I bought these from The Container Store a while ago, but I love how cute they are and find myself using them multiple times a week at my desk at home.

  1. Which Wich2014-07-31 09.28.21

I’ve been to Which Wich in the past but always forgot about it when trying to decide where to eat around town. A new one just opened up where I work and I’ve been there for lunch more times than I really should have! But there pepperoni wich is awesome!

  1. Watermelon2014-07-06 17.17.53

The watermelons were everywhere at the Farmer’s Market each time I went this month and of course I got one!

  1. Slingshot Coffee

Let me just go ahead and say, I don’t like black coffee. I never have. If you read my WIAW’s, you know I always add extra cream to my coffee. Well, this coffee is delicious black. It needs nothing. And I don’t even really like iced coffee, but I love this stuff! And it’s local, which makes it even better!

2014-07-27 17.21.13-2

  1. Escazu Chocolate

Speaking of local, this brand houses it’s factory in downtown Raleigh! I picked up one of their bars at Whole Foods and it was so good! I have Videri chocolates too because I went to tour their factory (also local!!), but I have resisted the urge to eat all the chocolates in the house, so I haven’t yet tried the bars I got from there…but I’m sure they’ll end up on my August Favorites list!

  1. Bubblegum Lip Scrub from Lush2014-07-26 13.53.15

This stuff is addicting. It smells so good and actually does help my constantly chapped lips. It’s hard to not continuously lather this stuff all over my lips though!

  1. Annelore’s German Bakery2014-07-14 08.35.38

Since my friends David and Rachel introduced me to this bakery (which I’ve seen before at the Farmer’s Market, yet never purchased from), I’ve been going on the weekends if I’m not working, to stock up on their apple strudels so I can have them for breakfast during the week. The pastry is perfectly baked and the filling isn’t too sweet, yet so fulfilling!

Thanks for reading!

Bows and Arrows,