March & April Favorites

Since I epically failed last month on posting my favorites, I decided to combine my March and April favorites into one post. Without hesitation, here are the things I’ve been loving these last 2 months.

  1. Saucony & Madewell Dxn Trainers Sneakers2015-04-27 05.23.38

If I could wear these every single day, I would. They look great with skinny jeans and dresses, and are actually athletic shoes, so I can go from running errands, to running with my dog (who are we kidding, I don’t run…but I do walk with her). I’m definitely planning on taking these with me on my trip next month while exploring the city.

  1. Elements of Style Designing a Home & a Life Book2015-04-27 05.18.47

This is the perfect coffee table book, and it’s inspiring for decorating my new place as well!

  1. Better Call Saul
Image via Google

Image via Google

If you liked Breaking Bad, you should watch this show too. I’ve gotta say, it’s not as epic as Breaking Bad, but I still think it’s a great show, and I can’t wait for it to return!

  1. Instax Share Printer

2015-04-27 05.23.04I love this little thing! It’s great to quickly print tangible photos from things I capture through my phone. I love storing the little pictures in my planner, as well as giving them away as cute little unexpected gifts.

  1. Sweet Kawaii Design Etsy Shop

2015-04-27 05.33.07If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve been obsessed with my planner lately. Well, I’ve also been obsessed with the stickers from Tesia on her Etsy shop Sweet Kawaii Design. It’s always exciting to see the new stickers she comes out with as well, and she ships so quickly!

  1. Intoxicated- Martin Solveig & GTA

I cannot stop playing this song, so I thought I’d share it with all of you! It’s ok if you hate it. I know I have a different taste in music than most people with similar personalities as me. :p

  1. Kikki K Leather Personal Planner Large in Black Cherry

2015-04-27 05.20.41I have been carrying this planner around since I received it in the mail. I love the quality of the leather and it’s durability, as well as how much it holds. I did replace the inserts with the Erin Condren, but I still love having a ring binder system for my planner, and this one is perfect.

  1. Last Man on Earth

Image via Google

Image via Google

If you’re looking for another show to watch, watch this one. It’s quirky, the fangirl from Flight of the Conchords (the show) is in it, and it’s really easy to watch while doing other things. And I’ve legitimately laughed out loud a lot while watching this. So you should watch it, because it will make your day better!

  1. Produce Candles Rhubarb Candle

2015-04-27 05.26.19If you recall, I received this candle in my latest Pop Sugar Must Have box, and I love it! I’m burning it as I type this up, and anytime I’m in my living room, this thing is lit on my coffee table. It smells sooooo good, and reminds me so much of spring.

  1. Wow Baking Company Snickerdoodle Cookies

2015-04-27 05.23.56Be careful with these guys. They are addicting. I got them on a whim, and they were so good, I ate the whole bag in two days. I bought them at Target, and the next time I went back to get more, they only had 2 bags left! They are really soft, just like snickerdoodle cookies should be in my opinion, and you’d never know they were wheat and gluten free if you didn’t read the bag.

So there you have it! What were your favorites this month?

Thanks for reading,


April Favorites

I’m not sure how many of you out there are enjoying this monthly tradition I began in December, but I’m still sticking with it anyway!  Give me some feedback as to what you think about my monthly favorites posts!  This month, I’ll keep it short and sweet.  (So sorry I’m posting it so late!)

 Talenti Gelato in Sea Salted Caramel

Talenti Sea Salt Caramel gelato

Talenti Sea Salt Caramel gelato

Umm.  Nom.  Seriously.  That’s all I feel that I need to say about this delicious dessert.  I already raved about it in one of my previous WIAW’s as well!  Just go buy some and try it, and you’ll understand.

Ulta brand Professional Cuticle Pusher

In March, I got my nails painted with the awesome Shellac that is the current trend in nails.  It’s amazing because it doesn’t chip, but then your nails grow and you have this section of unpainted nail right there by your cuticle.  If you choose to not go back to the salon to get them redone, you have to struggle to take off the polish yourself.  I’ve found that this cuticle pusher helps with that, so you aren’t stuck peeling a layer of your nail off with the polish.  It’s also great because when you do your nails yourself, you can actually push your cuticle down without it hurting!  Pushing your cuticle down before polishing also makes for a better at-home manicure.  (P.S.-It works sooooo much better than those little wooden sticks)  Get one here.

Sally Hansen Strength polish and Ulta brand cuticle pusher

Sally Hansen Strength polish and Ulta brand cuticle pusher

Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition- Strength with Green tea and Bamboo

Speaking of nails, this nail nutrition polish is great to use after having shellac on your nails for a while.  It also helps with nail splitting, which happens to me often.  I will say that I have always had pretty thick nails that don’t break easily, so I don’t know how it would work in making nails stronger in that manner, but for nails that split, this is recommended!

Vans Atwood Low Sneaker, in Black/White


Vans Atwood Low Sneaker, in Black/White

I found these gems at DSW.  They are oh so comfy, no breaking in required.  And I’ve received a lot of compliments from them when I’ve worn them (which has been a lot this month)!  You can get a pair here!  I did get my true size.

Hello Kitty Pencils

There's a pink one as well, I was just too lazy to find it in my purse to photograph. :p

There’s a pink one as well, I was just too lazy to find it in my purse to photograph. :p

Ok.  I know this is just a silly thing to put on my list, but I really do like using pencils, I don’t know why.  I found these in the dollar section at Target, and they are kinda nostalgic.  Back to the time when I actually used the pencils like these, before mechanical pencils were all the rage (remember that?).  And I like Hello Kitty, so win-win!

Hyperbole and a Half, the book

Hyperbole and a Half, the book

Hyperbole and a Half, the book

I have always loved her site, but when I saw that the book had been released, and was an extra 20% off at Target, I had to pick it up.  Allie Brosh is hilarious, and if you’ve never heard of her, or her site, check it out here.  The book contains both new content, and content from the website, but I can never get enough.  ALL THE THINGS!!!

Joffrey Dying (Game of Thrones, duh!)


If you watch this show, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  I don’t even need to explain why this was one of my favorite things in April.  If you don’t watch the show, shame on you.

Transport Tote

My transport tote hanging out at the NC Farmer's Market

My transport tote hanging out at the NC Farmer’s Market

This was my present for getting a full time job, and I love it so!  I have always wanted it, and now I finally have it!!!  If you would like one too, you can get one here.  I promise you won’t regret it.


Bam.  Lynda’s faves for the month of April.  What are you guys thinking?!  I’d love to know!  Do you have any of these items?  What’s your take on my monthly favorites post?  Let me know in the comments below!

Bows and Arrows,