What I Ate Wednesday, 5/7/14

Today is another example of what happens when I don’t plan out my meals ahead of time. The day consisted of quite a bit of eating and drinking in the car while on the way to work and while running errands. I really hate eating in the car, but sometimes it is necessary when you fail at planning and time management like the Ashley pants.


IMG_20140507_084538_456I started my morning off by talking to Lynda online while drinking a big cup of Trader Joe’sIMG_20140507_095335_056 (1) breakfast blend coffee with organic half and half.

My breakfast wasn’t anything special. It was one fried egg with a little salt and pepper, a slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and cinnamon on top, and an organic granny smith apple. I also drank water out of my boyfriend’s Redskins Tervis tumbler that I commandeered because he never uses it. 😛


As usual I took my sweet time getting ready this morning and didn’t allow enough time to prepare lunch for myself before leaving for work around 12:30. I didn’t want to be late for work, but I knew I would not last all day with no food. So what did I do? Well, I swung by Bojangles of course. ughh shame shame! What a terrible “nutritionist” I am (and I use that word very lightly). The struggle is real. Isn’t that what the kids are saying these days??

IMG_20140507_124758_506I got the kids chicken supreme meal with rice. I ate it on the way to work because I am not about to broadcast my poor food choices to everyone in the wellness center I work at. Even though I’m broadcasting it on here…shhh! Oh well, just keeping it real.


I was craving a smoothie several hours later, so I decided I would find a smoothie from somewhere while running an errand for work. I went to Panera Bread remembering that I had seen smoothies on their menu before. They had two choices: strawberry or mango. I chose strawberry. It was pretty good! One complaint though…why are their straws so fat? I got instant brain freeze! Again this was consumed in the car :-/


Well, I had planned to cook some sort of Mexican food like tacos or taco salad, but then I didn’t get out of work until almost 8pm. All motivation for cooking was lost! So I settled for the next best thing, Chipotle.

IMG_20140507_202335_701This is a chicken burrito bowl and I think it has been featured on one of my WIAW’s not too long ago. I eat Chipotle at least once a week now because I work nearby one, so it is hard to resist. I also drank more water with my dinner. I didn’t mention this, but I drink water constantly all day long while at work, but I never take pictures of that, because that’s kind of silly. “Here’s my water at 11 and then again at 11:30. And here’s me holding my water at 12” 😛

Now I am sitting here cuddling with Rose about to watch an old episode of Doctor Who before bed. I hope you guys are having a great week! Thanks for reading!

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What I Ate Wednesday 4/30/14

About that weather today!!!  Flash flood and tornado warnings are fun!  Especially when my dog child wakes me up at 5am by jumping on the bed because she’s afraid and needs someone to cuddle with her and make her feel safe!  She’s a cutie though, so it’s alright. 🙂

2014-04-30 10.34.42-2



2014-04-30 09.20.19


I started off with my typical coffee with organic half and half.  It’s about that time for me to go to the grocery store again, so today, I’m working with what I’ve got.  My breakfast was a container of Yoplait French vanilla yogurt mixed with some all-natural vanilla almond granola by Creative Snacks Co. and a Nonni’s cioccolati biscotti.


2014-04-30 12.08.58


For lunch I ate some tri-colored rotini pasta with Classico vodka sauce.  I also drank a bottle of water.


2014-04-30 15.25.57 2014-04-30 15.26.33


My dinner was a Grilled Market Salad from Chick-Fil-A with their zesty apple cider vinaigrette dressing.  I also had a small cup of coffee with cream from Starbucks…gotta keep myself awake when I work at night!


We had an event at my job tonight, so I drank a small glass of Perrier and had a cupcake from the local bakery, Sugarland.  It was delicious, but unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the cupcake because I was at work, and I just didn’t think to take a picture of it.

2014-04-30 22.31.18

When I got home, I drank a cup of Bojangles sweet tea, because it was just sitting there…waiting to be drank…by someone…and I couldn’t let it go to waste!  It was clearly from my boyfriend’s dinner, he just never drank it.  So I did instead!

It’s not much, but that’s everything for this weather warning Wednesday!

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What I Ate Wednesday, 1/1

Hey guys!  Happy New Year!! So, it’s my turn to share with you all what I ate this Wednesday. Can I just say really quickly though how happy I am that it was Lynda’s turn last Wednesday and not mine. I ate sooo much on Christmas..and leading up to it..and after. But, that’s okay because now it’s all over and we can all focus on our new years resolution of eating healthier, right? Well, about that…

Breakfast, 7:30-8:30am

I ate some of this KIND bar, but didn't finish it because I got busy at work and forgot about it.

Madagascar Vanilla Almond KIND bar

I guess this was my pre-breakfast snack. Usually when I work early in the morning I am not very hungry right away, but I happened to be hungry this morning so I grabbed this before I headed out the door. I have yet to find a KIND bar I didn’t like. You all should try these if you haven’t already.

Iced Americano with cream…and three little “squishys” that photo-bombed.

Obviously no breakfast is complete without coffee of some sort and it doesn’t get much better than the coffee/espresso at work. If you’re wondering what the deal is with the little critters in the picture you can ask about them in the comments, but for the sake of keeping on task with WIAW I won’t explain it here. Basically, I work with some silly gooses and we have too much fun sometimes.

My usual oatmeal, but in a cup.

My usual oatmeal, but in a cup.

I brought my dried oats (quick cooking kind) in a ziploc baggy with chopped walnuts in it. When I got ready to eat it I dumped it in a cup, added hot water, sliced up my banana, sprinkled cinnamon on top, and voila! Oatmeal on the go.

Lunch, 2:00pm

Bojangles chicken filet biscuit

Bojangles chicken filet biscuit

Hey, I never said anything about giving up Bojangles for new years! It’s been a while (okay, maybe only a couple weeks) since I’ve eaten this deliciousness, so I stopped by on my way home from work. I have to admit, I also drank sweet tea although I did not take a picture of that. This picture was also before I covered it in Texas Pete. Yum!

Dinner, 8:00pm

Baked tilapia, brown rice, and a salad

Baked tilapia, brown rice, and a salad

I cooked dinner and tried to keep it somewhat light. This is a typical dinner option for me, as I usually cook some sort of fish once a week. This was also a perfect amount of food after having such a heavy fatty pants lunch. Not that I regret that decision. No way! But anyway, the tilapia recipe is a variation of one I found on Pinterest. It is extremely simple, but really tasty. The original recipe uses shredded cheddar cheese on top, but I used shredded parmesan. It’s good both ways. The rice is literally just minute brown rice cooked in chicken broth instead of water. Is that weird? I don’t know. And then my salad is a baby spring mix with chopped carrots, broccoli florets, salad toppers, and Bolthouse Farms Ranch dressing. I eat salads with my dinner a lot, as you’ve probably noticed. I am not all that crazy about many vegetables and struggle with eating a variety of them. Salads are just so easy and delicious and it’s an easy way to consume a variety of vegetables all at once. Plus, since it’s raw you don’t have to worry that you’ve cooked out all those wonderful nutrients. And don’t worry, that salad dressing doesn’t ruin it by adding tons of fat and calories. I’ve talked about it before in other WIAW’s, so if you’re interested you should read those.

After Dinner Snack

Dove Peppermint Bark and a Lindt Lindor truffle

Dove Peppermint Bark and a Lindt Lindor truffle

I wanted a little something sweet so I ate these two chocolates that I received in a Christmas gift. I had never tried either kind, but they were both delicious!

Well, that wraps up another WIAW. Wishing you all a very happy new year! Thanks for reading.

Bows and Arrows,