What I Ate Wednesday, 2/12/14

I guess it is just going to snow on every one of my What I Ate Wednesday’s! I am just now posting this because a snowpocalypse has hit North Carolina and it knocked out my power for a good 10 hours. Everything would be fine if I would have taken the weather seriously and actually stocked up on food and toilet paper. Yeah, we’re getting dangerously low on toilet paper and I’m not brave enough to venture out. I have already heard enough honking and BOOMING from accidents happening to keep me inside until all of this ice and snow is completely gone! I do, however, have coffee so everything is okay! 😛

This is what I ate on Wednesday leading up to the crazy snow storm.


IMG_20140212_085104_153 (1)I decided to eat something different for breakfast! I made myself a turkey sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich. The cheese is muenster and the bread is whole grain. It was pretty tasty! I also had a banana and some delicious coffee with organic half and half. That cute little baby on my coffee mug is my nephew, Dylan. 🙂



For lunch I made tuna salad and I ate it with Sundried Tomato and Basil Wheat Thins. I used to only eat tuna plain with just a little light mayonnaise, but Lynda got me hooked on adding sweet pickle relish to it. I just used one can of chunk light tuna in water (drained), some salt and pepper, about a tablespoon or less of light mayo (I never measure it), and maybe a teaspoon of relish. I am not a big fan of mayo. I never have been, but I don’t mind it in tuna for some reason. I have tried using other things in my tuna before though. A “healthier” alternative I have tried before is hummus.  It is a little different, but it’s actually really good. I always eat my tuna with crackers of some sort. I am hooked on these Sundried Tomato and Basil Wheat Thins. They are seriously SO good. If you like wheat thins you should give these a try.



I wanted a snack so I ate one of these Yoplait greek yogurts with some KIND granola. I did not eat the cat, but he insisted on being in the picture so I just went with it. So meet our cat, Jack! Also, don’t worry I don’t eat off of this table. The yogurt is vanilla flavored. Nutritionally I don’t think these are that bad. They do contain some artificial sweetener (sucralose) which I generally try to stay away from, but the ingredients list is not very long, so that’s a plus. I only eat these occasionally so I’m not really concerned about the artificial sweetener in them. I used to buy Chobani Greek yogurt pretty often, but most of them contain so much sugar, albeit natural sugar, but still sugar nonetheless. Greek yogurt is a good source of protein and provides a decent amount of calcium, but for me personally I prefer other options most of the time. Here are the Nutrition Facts for the Yoplait yogurt if you’re interested. I have to confess that I don’t know if I ever even looked at the nutrition facts on the KIND granola, so I can’t tell you much about it. I just know I love KIND bars, so when I saw KIND granola I snatched it up and put it in my belly. This is the Cinnamon Oat clusters with flax seeds kind. I sometimes sprinkle this on my oatmeal too. Yum!


Dinner was some sort of chicken and rice that I cooked in the crock pot.  Because I did not take the impending snow storm seriously I didn’t bother going to the store to stock up on groceries. Everyone always makes fun of us Southerners for overreacting and running to the grocery store at the first sight of snow only for us to get like 2 inches and it’s gone by the next day. Well, I really wish I would have overreacted this time, or reacted period. By the time I realized going to store might be a good idea it was too late. Traffic was at a standstill all over Raleigh. Poor Lynda was trying to get home in it and it took her 3.5 hours to drive 8 miles! Anyway, the point is I found a recipe online for slow cooker chicken and rice because that is pretty much all I had on hand. I failed to take a picture of it, but it wasn’t pretty anyway, so you aren’t missing anything. It was good though and very easy. Here is the recipe I somewhat followed.

Later on I ate one cookie dough Oreo cookie. I only ate one because we only had one left in the entire package, which may or may not be a good thing depending on how you look at it. I also had water with all of my meals, but I did not photograph that for some reason.

That is everything I ate yesterday. Hopefully this snow will clear out of here soon. I certainly hope it’s sunny and warmer for my next WIAW. Thanks for reading!

Bows and Arrows,