What I Ate Wednesday, 4/16/14

Um, guys.  I went outside at 8am and it was 37 degrees.  That is not cool.  It’s April, where is the Spring weather?!  Other than the cooler day today, I hope everyone had a great Wednesday!  We are halfway through the week!

Here’s what I had to eat this Wednesday:


Liquids:  I drank an entire bottle of water and my typical coffee with organic half and half.  I also discovered while making my coffee, that it is definitely time to clean my Keurig.  Boo.  I don’t wanna.  Someone come do it for me.

Solids:  I had one slice of whole grain honey wheat toast with some Country Crock Light spread on it, topped with cinnamon sugar.  I also made a bacon, egg, and cheese bowl.  I scrambled an egg, added some shredded fat free cheddar cheese, and 3 pieces of bacon broken into small pieces.  Delicious!

2014-04-16 09.13.45

2014-04-16 09.16.53



I worked through lunch today, so my lunch mainly consisted of snack foods.  Here’s what I ate in between my breakfast and dinner.  A s’mores flavored Luna Bar, a banana (on it’s last leg), and some Stacy’s multi-grain pita chips dipped in hummus.  I had another bottle of water somewhere in there as well.

2014-04-16 15.21.41

2014-04-16 17.28.27



For dinner I made chicken alfredo.  The alfredo sauce was Classico’s brand of sun-dried tomato alfredo.  I added some basil and a whole Roma tomato to the sauce.  I also had a side of sliced cucumber and carrots dipped in ranch dressing.  My drink was a cup of hot Earl Grey tea with soy milk added to it.

2014-04-16 19.53.55

2014-04-16 20.01.13

2014-04-16 20.15.02


Shockingly, I didn’t have any after dinner snacks!  Probably because I ate dinner a bit later than I usually do.  Now I’m off to bed for a 10.5 hour workday tomorrow!  Have a great rest of the week!

Bows and Arrows,



February Favorites

Since February is the shortest month of the year, I decided that my favorites list could stand to be a tad shorter as well.  So without further rambling on my part, here were my favorite things this month!

1.  Teavana Earl Grey Tea

Since it snowed around these parts twice this month, I’ve been really into my hot beverages more so than usual.  I love drinking this tea as it is, or with some vanilla syrup and skim milk added to it.  It’s so delicious, and smells amazing too!  If you’re interested, here is the link where you can purchase some for yourself!

2.  Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask

2014-03-03 00.13.56

This stuff came in my January Pop Sugar Must Have box, and I really like it!  I have been using it at night before bed.  It’s fun because you can feel it tingling on your face as it oxidizes.

3.  Cookie Dough Oreos

Image credit to Time website

Image credit to Time website

Honestly, these things just speak for themselves.  Nom.  If you haven’t tried them, find them.  And try them.  And then become addicted as soon as they all disappear and you can’t find them anywhere anymore.

4.  Disney’s Frozen, more specifically the snowman character Olaf


If you haven’t yet seen this movie, stop whatever it is you’re doing right now (like reading this post) and go see it.  And no, I’m not saying this because of the “Let It Go” song that has gone viral, and plays on the radio, and is sung on the Oscars.  (It is a great song though!)  It’s just a great movie.  I love, love, love the snowman!!! “All good things, all good things!”  And yes, he is my screen saver on my computer currently.  It’s. Just. That. Good.

5.  EOS Lip Balm in Pomegranate Raspberry

2014-03-03 00.14.54

I am just addicted to all of the EOS brand lip balms, but I have really liked this one for this month.  I think it’s because it’s kind of a wintery flavor, and it actually felt like winter in the month of February!

6.  Be Enchanted shower gel from Bath & Body Works

2014-03-03 09.54.27So I do this thing where I can never use an entire bottle of body wash without getting tired of the smell before it runs out.  So I have a few, and I keep two different scents in my shower at the same time.  I know…it’s weird.  Anyways, I had this scent for a while and it was hiding under my sink…and then I happened upon it when I was cleaning a couple of weeks ago, and stuck it back in the shower.   And now that I have, I’m glad I did.  I would describe it as one of those icy and chilled fruity scents, with an undertone of sandelwood.  It’s definitely been a rediscovered favorite of mine this month.  (Also, I think I have a thing for pomegranate this month, because pomegranate is definitely a main scent in this shower gel)  And if Elsa from Frozen used a shower gel, this would be the one I think she’d use.

7.  C9 by Champion Women’s Advanced Cold Weather Run Tights

2014-03-03 00.16.42

I feel like it’s always colder in January and February in Raleigh than it is in the final months of the year.  I really love these athletic leggings from Target because they are fleece lined, so they are very warm on those cold winter mornings!  They also zip at the bottom and kind of seal themselves around your ankles, so they keep the air from going up your pants, because no one likes that.  And they also have one of those hidden zipper pockets on the back wasteband.  And even better, they are on sale online!  Here’s the link.

There you have it!  My favorites for this month!  Thanks for reading,

Bows and Arrows,