What’s in my Closet: Mixed Metal Watch

2014-09-12 17.20.46Technically, this isn’t stored in my closet, but rather in my catchall jewelry bowl that lives on top of my dresser. Honestly, the majority of my clothing and fashion items are probably stored outside of the closet, because I share the walk-in with my boyfriend. This girl (that’s me!) has a lot of clothing/shoes/accessories, etc.. Moving right along…I’m sharing this watch with all of you lovely people because I wanted you to know why I love this piece so much, and why it’s always part of my attire!

2014-09-12 16.51.15

For the longest time, I wore a silver Fossil watch with a rose quartz face. It was just a simple watch, but every time I wanted to wear a gold necklace, or some other form of gold jewelry, I felt like it clashed with my watch. Well…I couldn’t just not wear a watch (it makes me feel naked if I leave the house without one), so I would switch my watch over to a cheap little hinged gold watch that I picked up from Kohl’s. This started to bother me, because I realized that I quite often would want to mix my metals in terms of jewelry, but neither of my watches were really my style and they also weren’t working with my other jewelry. And then I found this one! It’s both silver and gold, and goes with all metal colors I decide to pair it with. The face of this watch is also a creamy white color with gold numerals so it isn’t overpowering or impractical.

2014-09-12 16.59.55

2014-09-12 17.01.43

2014-09-12 17.05.06

Basically, my point is, that having a watch that’s both silver and gold, allows for many more metal combinations when it comes to your jewelry!

2014-09-12 16.58.50

You can get a Michael Kors one just like mine here! Or if you want some other options try here for Kate Spade. She offers something a bit more delicate. You can also try Fossil if you want a lower price point like this one here. And if you’re looking for something a bit more eye catching, delicate, and with a lower price point, try this one from DKNY!

What do you think? Is your go to watch one tone or two? Do you even wear a watch on the regular? Tell me what you think!

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What’s in my Closet: Peplum Tops

2014-08-07 10.19.14You definitely don’t need one of these for every day of the week, but I definitely think every girl should have at least one of these tops in their closet.

Here’s why:

  • Those casual Friday’s you have at work, where you get to wear your skinny jeans, but still have to look put together and slightly dressy. And that’s not the only reason why…
  • These types of tops are the perfect shirt option when you can’t wear a t-shirt, but don’t want to feel rigid in a button-down.
  • Because they hit you at your natural waist and flair out around your hips, they are also a great option for those days you’re feeling bloated (you know, we all have those days).
  • They look great with skinny jeans, flared mini skirts and straight leg trousers.
  • They can be layered with blazers, vests, or cardigans, and if they have high necklines, you could even layer collared shirts underneath…but if you’re not into layering, they are still awesome as a stand-alone top.

I have two peplum tops, and while I don’t think they are something that needs to be worn once a week, they are definitely two tops that will stay with me for a while because there is always a time for them.

If you want a peplum top of your own, I recommend going into the brick and mortar stores to try them on! All of our body proportions are different, and peplum tops aren’t always made for the same body type. You want to make sure that the seam before the flare is hitting at your natural waist, and not too low or too high.

Here are some to start your search:



Do you have any peplum tops?  If so, how do you wear yours?

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Intro for “What’s in my Closet” and “What’s in my Pantry”

Ashley and I have each decided to start a new weekly post! Each week, I will post one item from my closet, and Ashley will post one item from her pantry. I’ll be focusing on how one item can be worn multiple ways, through multiple seasons, ways it can be used, or just simply explain why I love it so much. Ashley will focus on the health aspects of her pantry item, the different ways it can be used in recipes, or just simply why she loves it so much! Essentially, these are the same types of posts, except one is about fashion and the other is about food! Yay!

To start things off, here is the first item I picked from my closet to share with everyone!

 Oversized chambray button-down shirt

2014-07-25 14.08.44

This is most definitely a staple item in my closet and works amazingly with year round outfits! It’s a lightweight fabric, making it tolerable in the hot summer heat, but it’s also a great layering piece that transitions into the fall and winter. In the spring and summer, I love layering this shirt over my dresses or tanks as a great alternative to cardigans when I get a bit chilly inside in the AC. The sleeves are also a bit oversized, making it easy to cuff up the arm. In the fall and winter, it looks great underneath a sweater, or layered over long sleeve shirts and leggings for that comfortable look.

Don't mind my messy room...I've been cleaning all day! :)

Don’t mind my messy room…I’ve been cleaning all day! 🙂

Think you need one in your closet too? Here is an exact match!

And here are some similar options:

Keeper Chambray Shirt from J. Crew

AE Chambray Boyfriend Shirt  from American Eagle Outfitters

Oversized Light Chambray Shirt from Delia’s

Boyfriend Chambray Shirt by Hinge from Nordstrom


Thanks for reading!