Lynda’s Day in Pictures, 4/11/14

Ashley and I have decided to start another weekly tradition here at A Bow and Arrow.  Each week, one of us will post “My Day in Pictures,” highlighting anything we wish to share from the day we so choose.  While it may be interesting for you to see what exciting, or sometimes mundane things we do during the day, it will also be a cool way for us to take the time and appreciate the things we do!  It’s nice to capture a moment in time, even if it’s something silly.  I (Lynda Lou) will be starting us off with my day in pictures from yesterday [Friday April 11, 2014].  So here we go!

 I started off my day by driving my precious fur baby to the groomers.  Here is a snapshot from the ride there!

2014-04-11 10.36.30-1


This was the first time I got her groomed at the Petco groomers, and I’ve gotta say, they did a really great job!  While I was in Petco, I made her a new doggy tag, since her last one broke.

2014-04-11 11.26.15

Later that day, I took my tip change from the last two weeks from the coffee shop to the bank to deposit.  I keep it in a ceramic bowl I made in one of my classes from college.

2014-04-11 13.06.05


Then, I went grocery shopping, and piled ALL THE FOOD in the cart.  My boyfriend was with me so we kinda got a lot of stuff, but lots of healthy stuff, so it’s ok!

2014-04-11 14.46.15-1

 Here is Gabi, post groom, with her cute little Easter egg bandana!

2014-04-11 15.16.01


I rode with my boyfriend to get his new phone, which he was in desperate need of, and I ate a banana on the way…but I broke it when I tried to open it, so here I am being all like WTF?! 😀

2014-04-11 15.57.47-3

Ba-ba-ba Ba-ba-na-naaaa! (You know, like the Minions say.  If you don’t, then click here.)

2014-04-11 16.00.33

Dinnertime rolled around, and I made spaghetti!  Nom.

2014-04-11 18.47.53


I did do more things throughout the day that aren’t highlighted in these photos, however, if I photographed everything, how would I be living in the moment? 😀

Bows and Arrows,


P.S. Tell us what you think about this new weekly post idea in the comments below!  Thanks for reading!