What’s in my Closet: Pixie Pants

2014-11-24 09.12.00

Once it starts getting cold outside around these parts, my Pixie pants are unearthed from the bottom of what’s otherwise known as my denim drawer, and placed near the front for easy reach. I own 3 pairs: two pairs of black and one pair of gray. It’s that serious, you guys.

2014-11-24 09.01.37

If you want a pair of leggings, but in a thicker, more put together form, these are for you. It’s kind of like a hybrid between leggings and dress pants. The zipper in the back makes your outfit look extremely put together (if you’re wearing a shirt short enough to show the zipper), and the material is a stretch ponte fabric that stays in place and feels so much more structured than typical knit leggings.2014-11-24 09.04.50

They are seriously my go to pant during the colder months because they are so easy to wear with all styles of shoes, can be dressed up or down in a flash, and are much warmer than leggings. It’s also the way to go when having to dress up for that holiday party, but you just aren’t feeling a dress or skirt with tights because you’re a wimp like me and don’t want to be shivering the entire time.2014-11-24 09.02.25

If you don’t own a pair of these guys, you really should go out and splurge on yourself and get a pair [click here!]. And just in time for the holidays! You’ll be amazed how much you pull them out of your closet to wear, and you’ll soon ask yourself, “How did I ever live without these?!”2014-11-23 20.24.12

And if you aren’t willing to take the plunge on the price, Old Navy has a similar pair here.

Do you own a pair already? Tell me what you think!

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Intro for “What’s in my Closet” and “What’s in my Pantry”

Ashley and I have each decided to start a new weekly post! Each week, I will post one item from my closet, and Ashley will post one item from her pantry. I’ll be focusing on how one item can be worn multiple ways, through multiple seasons, ways it can be used, or just simply explain why I love it so much. Ashley will focus on the health aspects of her pantry item, the different ways it can be used in recipes, or just simply why she loves it so much! Essentially, these are the same types of posts, except one is about fashion and the other is about food! Yay!

To start things off, here is the first item I picked from my closet to share with everyone!

 Oversized chambray button-down shirt

2014-07-25 14.08.44

This is most definitely a staple item in my closet and works amazingly with year round outfits! It’s a lightweight fabric, making it tolerable in the hot summer heat, but it’s also a great layering piece that transitions into the fall and winter. In the spring and summer, I love layering this shirt over my dresses or tanks as a great alternative to cardigans when I get a bit chilly inside in the AC. The sleeves are also a bit oversized, making it easy to cuff up the arm. In the fall and winter, it looks great underneath a sweater, or layered over long sleeve shirts and leggings for that comfortable look.

Don't mind my messy room...I've been cleaning all day! :)

Don’t mind my messy room…I’ve been cleaning all day! 🙂

Think you need one in your closet too? Here is an exact match!

And here are some similar options:

Keeper Chambray Shirt from J. Crew

AE Chambray Boyfriend Shirt  from American Eagle Outfitters

Oversized Light Chambray Shirt from Delia’s

Boyfriend Chambray Shirt by Hinge from Nordstrom


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Lynda’s Florida Adventure, Travel Day Update

Happy Sunday!

I’ve decided that while I’m on vacation, I would keep a mini journal of the things I did each day, and what I wore.  So each day for this week, I will be updating the blog with little excerpts of my beautiful vacation in the Sunny Anna Maria Island, Florida!

To start things off, I thought I’d do a small post dedicated to the “Travel Day,” which was yesterday, Saturday, March 8th.  We started off in the chilly Raleigh, NC, getting to the airport when the weather was 39 degrees Fahrenheit around 10am.  Our flight stopped in Charlotte, NC before taking us to Tampa, FL.2014-03-08 12.07.26-2

When we arrived, it was 63 degrees, and of course, when I checked my weather app on my phone, it said it was warmer in Raleigh!  How crazy!  We arrived around 3pm and picked up a rental car, and then we drove for about an hour, and sat in a lot of traffic, to finally arrive in Anna Maria, FL.  What a day of traveling!  Because of the fluctuation in weather, this is what I wore!

2014-03-09 12.07.31 2014-03-08 10.43.54



Another highlight of the day was dinner.  We ate at a place called Eat Here.  I loved it!  I had fired roasted clams for dinner with a side of Quinoa Vegan salad, which was prepared with a variety of healthy ingredients, some including apricots, shredded carrots, and bell peppers.  I also had two glasses of red wine.  For dessert, the table shared a key lime cheesecake and it had a gingerbread crust!  It was phenomenal!  Our waiter was also great as well.  So if you’re ever in Anna Maria Island, and you’re wondering where to eat, Eat Here!

2014-03-08 20.29.11 2014-03-08 20.36.28-2



Stay posted, for another daily update of what I’m doing and what I’m wearing on my vacation!

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