What I Ate Wednesday, 10/8/14

Hey guys! I’m back for my every other week appearance on the blog. Lately, I have really been failing at balancing all of the things I need/want to do on a daily basis. I have so much going on right now! Mostly it’s very exciting stuff, but I wont get into that now. Maybe I will share more in another post, but right now I am gonna share my food because that’s what you came here for, right?


20141008_064812My breakfast was the most pathetic thing ever. I ran out of almond milk, so not oatmeal this morning. 😦 I guess I could have used water, but that’s not as good. I wasn’t very hungry this morning anyway, so I just toasted one slice of my 7 sprouted grains bread with a little butter and grape jelly. I had some coffee by Caribou Coffee in my adorable Frankenstein mug (again) with organic half and half.


I forgot to take a picture, but I had a KIND bar in a new flavor. Well, new to me at least. It’s called Caramel Almond and Sea Salt and it is probably my favorite KIND bar now! Another good thing about this flavor is that it is low in sugar compared to a lot of the other ones (only 5 grams). Go try it!


20141008_140257I was pretty much starving by the time I was able to eat lunch, which was around 2pm. I decided to pick up a Cobb salad from Chick-fil-A. I know this is the least healthy salad I could have chosen, but I don’t really care, so ha!


20141008_195532My dinner was something I have pretty much once a week, and I have probably featured it more than once on previous WIAW’s. I made baked wild-caught sockeye salmon topped with olive oil, a little black pepper, minced garlic, and fresh lemon juice. I also steamed some green beans and made mac and cheese to make the boyfriend fiance 😉 happy. The macaroni is by the brand Annie’s. It’s organic and non-GMO and all that good stuff, but it’s still a packaged food and something I don’t consider very healthy. But, I guess it may be a little better than other brands. I had some water with lots of lemon with my dinner. Isn’t Rose a cute little beggar?

Well, that’s everything. Not very exciting, I know! I’m sorry. I hope you guys have a great rest of the week. Thank you for reading!

Bows and Arrows,


What I Ate Wednesday, 9/24/14

What a dreary and chilly second day of fall here in Raleigh! I’m totally fine with the cooler temperatures, but the rain really puts a damper on my mood. 😛 (unintentional pun). It also makes me want to take naps and be a lazy pants. No good. Luckily, I think it is clearing out and tomorrow will be nicer. Yay for sunshine! Anyway, I’m sure you didn’t come here for a weather forecast, so here’s the delicious food I put in my belly today…


20140924_072130I ate my usual oatmeal this morning made with unsweetened almond milk, a tablespoon of local honey, cinnamon, chopped walnuts, and banana slices. I had coffee with organic half and half in my adorable Frankenstein coffee mug that I bought from Carolina Pottery a few weeks ago. This seems like a good opportunity to let you all know that I LOVE Halloween! It’s definitely my favorite holiday (yes, even over Christmas). In fact, I’m seriously considering putting up a Halloween tree this year and just leaving it up through Christmas. I also love pumpkins and pretty much anything else having to do with fall, so be prepared for some fall/Halloween themed posts from me (and Lynda goose too)! Okay, moving on…I also had some water.


20140924_141706I did not eat any snacks between breakfast and lunch which is pretty unusual. I normally eat lunch well after noon and am always starving if I don’t have a snack. Today was no different, but I just didn’t remember to bring a snack with me to work. I couldn’t take this picture fast enough….I was so hungry. Oh wait, I did eat some crackers while I was waiting for the sweet potato to cook. So this random lunch consists of: a sweet potato with coconut butter and cinnamon on top, a spring mix salad with cucumbers and some Bolthouse Farms Ranch dressing, some grapes, and some mandarin orange slices. Oh, how I love sweet potatoes!



My dinner was baked Salmon, peas, and french fries. To drink I had a lightly sweetened iced tea with lemon. So random, but it was good.  I topped the salmon with 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter, minced garlic, and fresh lemon juice. The fries are by the brand Alexia. I guess you could consider these a little healthier than the average french fries. Definitely better than fast food fries that are made in a fryer, but still a french fry nonetheless. The peas were just frozen peas that I steamed in the microwave and added a tiny bit of salt. I love peas! “Give peas a chance!” If you know where that’s from, you are awesome and had a good childhood and watched lots of Nickelodeon.

Well, that’s everything. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week. Thanks for reading!

Bows and Arrows,


June Favorites

Here’s the list of my June favorites!

  1. Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds


Almonds are just great snacks and toppings in general, but I’ve really enjoyed the smokehouse flavor this month…it kind of reminds me of a cook out flavor, which is great for the summertime.

  1. Turtle Flavored Chex Mix


It’s like these sprinkled this stuff with crack or something.  You won’t even understand until you try them.  They are seriously addicting, and if I don’t portion out small amounts for myself, I will consume the entire bag in one sitting.

  1. Madewell Allie Gladiator Sandals in True Black

2014-06-18 12.27.04

I’m not sure that these are offered online anymore, but I got them as soon as they were put on sale, and I never once felt like I had to “break them in” like you do with a lot of sandals that have ankle straps.

  1. Lemons


Since the official start to summer was less than 2 weeks ago, and it has been H-O-T around here, lemons and lemonade have just been refreshing!  They have been consistently cut up in my fridge, ready to add to my iced tea this month, and they’ve also made there way into that soup I posted not too long ago! (Link here.) I’ve also been on an Arnold Palmer kick lately, so lemonade is stocked up in my fridge as well!

  1. Blinc Mascara Amplified

2014-06-30 11.00.14

The premise behind this mascara is that it doesn’t “paint” your eyelashes, but rather, it “tubes” them.  I was skeptical at first because I wasn’t exactly sure how this was supposed to work, but the first time I actually removed the mascara from my eyes, I was pleasantly surprised!  It really is the neatest thing in makeup products, and it doesn’t leave that annoying black residue underneath your eyes after you finally get all your makeup off.  And you remove it from your lashes with water and pressure, which means my already sensitive eyes don’t have to deal with accidently getting makeup remover on them.

  1. Urban Decay Eye Primer in Sin

2014-06-30 11.00.03

I received a trial size of this primer in the box that my Naked 3 Palate came in, and I used it all up as soon as I opened it.  I really liked it, however, I still had eye primer to use up, but this month, I finally ran out, so I decided to get a full sized version of this since I loved it oh-so-much!

  1. Weekly To-Dos planner by May Designs

2014-06-30 10.51.02 2014-06-30 10.51.25

I got this little planner in a Pop Sugar Must Have box last year, and I didn’t really put it to use because I was using a different planner that was working really well for me at the time.  I found it in my pile of books early this month, and was excited about its customization for each week.  You fill in the dates for each week and there is a section on the opposite page for “Things to Do,” “Errands to Run,” and also an “Oh, and Can’t Forget” section for anything else you’d like to add for the week.  The other awesome thing about these books is that they are customizable online!  You can pick your cover design and if you wish, you could monogram it, or title it.  There are also multiple options for the inside pages…they don’t just have to be weekly planner pages!  Check it out at maydesigns.com!

  1.  Julep Green Tea Facial Blotting Papers

2014-06-30 11.00.55

Speaking of summer, it has been hot around here for a while, but this weather sure did sneak up on my skin.  One minute, it was fine, the next, oil everywhere!  I’m very glad I found these in my bathroom with all of my random skincare products, and have been carrying them in my bag for quick touch-ups since this weather has run rampant on my pores.

Those were my favorites for the month of June!  What were yours?!

Bows and arrows,