Lately with Lynda

Happy Friday!  I’ll be working all weekend, but I hope everyone has a great weekend and don’t forget to call your mom on Sunday!2015-04-26 10.36.12

I recently discovered that chocolate Lucky Charms exist.  Why I didn’t discover this sooner, I don’t know, but they must have been sent from heaven just for me!2015-04-30 19.38.32

I haven’t seen a rainbow in quite some time, but I feel like anytime there is one, everyone has to take a picture (including me).2015-05-04 21.59.11

I’ve been addicted to making S’mores lately.  So delicious and a great late night snack!2015-05-05 14.28.06

Spending one of my days off this week out in the sun, because it’s been in the 80’s!2015-05-05 19.36.36Cinco De Mayo at North Hills on a beautiful evening.

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Lately with Lynda

What a week!  I’m not sure about you, but my week was filled with work, errands, being tired, and drinking as much coffee as possible!  Hopefully next week will be a lot more relaxed.  I hope everyone has a great weekend…here’s a small peek at my week this week.2015-04-21 13.50.48

Spending my day off at North Hills with my fur baby taking in the sun.2015-04-21 22.38.29

Planning out my week.  I thought a cow sticker was appropriate for my dinner date tonight at a steakhouse.2015-04-22 17.24.52

Celebrating Earth Day making moss terrariums.2015-04-23 08.01.41

Casual outfit for the day + coffee, of course.2015-04-24 10.16.14

More planner decorating.

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Lately with Lynda

I’m off this weekend, so I’m trying to make the most of it by filling my days with fun and getting all my errands for the week done now.  Here’s a glimpse from my past week!2015-02-14 10.22.54

Valentine’s macarons from Michael.  They were so delicious!

2015-02-20 11.53.43

I bought myself a little something for Valentine’s Day.  If you haven’t heard of Sugarfina, you should definitely check it out!

2015-02-17 11.51.55


Spending a day outside in the snow (who are we kidding…it was all ice) with my little Gabi goose.

2015-02-19 13.53.35

Attempting to stay warm on a cold day at work.

2015-02-17 21.48.45

Ending a work night with a rose water bubble bath.

2015-02-21 11.10.14

Spending my Saturday morning at my favorite spot, Lucettegrace, a perfect start to my weekend.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

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My Weekend in Pictures 10/24-10/26


I was originally supposed to be out of the state this weekend, however, that did not happen, so I spent my weekend relaxing around Raleigh.  Here are some tidbits from my weekend.
2014-10-23 21.07.14

Gabi attempting to be friendly with her new roommate, Luna.  And by friendly, I mean, she sat close to her for approximately 5 minutes.

2014-10-24 07.16.06

The beautiful sunrise on Friday morning.  I love waking up early on days off to enjoy the whole day…even if I do take a mid-afternoon nap!

2014-10-24 17.53.21

I baked a pumpkin pie, because you just have to at least once in the month of October!

2014-10-25 13.43.24

Balloon art discovered at the N.C. State Fair.

2014-10-25 13.45.28

Some ginormous pumpkins at the N.C. State Fair!  There was one there weighing over 1000 pounds!!

2014-10-25 15.15.07

The ever popular ferris wheel, at the State Fair of course.

2014-10-25 15.15.26

Hey look, shadow people! 🙂

2014-10-25 15.48.37

Gabi enjoying her time out in the sun.  Typical model pose.

2014-10-26 11.46.05

A quick stop at my boyfriend’s office, on SAS Campus.  This sculpture is right outside of his building.

2014-10-26 18.57.37


Ending my Sunday night with pumpkin spice coffee and a pumpkin donut from Dunkin’ Donuts while burning the last bit of soy wax from my P.F. Candle Co. candle.

I hope everyone has a great last week of October…can you believe it’s almost November?!

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My Weekend in Pictures, 7/4-7/6

So, this is a somewhat sad compilation of photos from my weekend, however, I thought I’d update everyone on my life because I can. 🙂

2014-07-04 20.49.24

The sky was being patriotic.

I made bruschetta burgers for the Fourth of July and paired it with some blue corn chips and creamy spinach dip for a red, white, and blue themed dinner.  My burger recipe will be up sometime in the near future is up now, so go check it out!

2014-07-03 22.06.20

I drank some of the only type of beer I like: Lambic.  Nom.

2014-07-04 21.49.49

I then went on a lot of adventures with Gabi and Michael.

2014-07-04 14.50.34

On Saturday, we went to the NC Farmer’s Market and I had some fried shrimp from the N.C. Seafood Restaurant for lunch.  I miss having seafood whenever I want it.

2014-07-05 11.39.23

2014-07-05 13.48.49

2014-07-06 18.35.02 After the farmers market, we went to the flea market, where I bought Gabi a treat from the Bone Appetit Bakery.  She loved it!  I also got myself some Chocolate Pecan fudge, but you better believe I devoured that!  Actually, I just lied.  I didn’t…I still have a quarter of the bar left, I just never took a photo of it.

2014-07-05 13.05.15-1

We also went Geocaching!

2014-07-05 15.20.56

2014-07-05 15.53.51

Sunday, I spent the majority of my day in the kitchen.  I cut up my watermelon, tried my hand at making French macarons (which turned out very well!!), and made, um, I guess I’ll call it ‘watermelon water.’

2014-07-06 17.17.53

2014-07-06 18.08.01

2014-07-06 18.39.30

I hope everyone had an awesome Independence Day weekend, and I hope you have an equally awesome work week this week.

Stay tuned for my bruschetta burger recipe and my successful macaron attempt and recipe later this week!

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