What I Ate Wednesday, 7/2/14

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! I hope your week is going well and hopefully this is a short week for most of you guys thanks to Independence Day. Keeping my fingers crossed that this tropical storm threatening to hit the east coast doesn’t ruin all of the fourth of July festivities for us! I had a pretty busy day today between work and running errands, so I actually didn’t eat very much. Here is what I did manage to eat today…


Fotor0702203434Are you shocked!? It’s not oatmeal. I made some muffins on Monday night and I had a couple left, so I figured I better eat them. These are peanut butter banana muffins, which I made on Monday spur of the moment and just happened to have all of the ingredients on hand. They turned out pretty good. They are not overly sweet, so they’re perfect for breakfast. The recipe I used can be found here. I also had one scrambled egg and some strawberries and delicious blueberries from the farmers market. I had some coffee with organic half and half in my adorable coffee mug from Marshals. If you can’t see it, it says “luv my cup of joe”.


Fotor0702203629I didn’t really eat lunch. I just munched on a bunch of raw mixed nuts. These came from Target. I tend to buy a big huge container of them so there’s always something quick to munch on if I am busy but going into starvation meltdown mode.


20140702_140045After work I picked up an Americano…just because. Do I need a reason? :-p


20140702_172206We picked up food from Jasmin Mediterranean Restaurant for dinner. This is a chicken zaki with a side salad. Oh, how I love Greek and Mediterranean Food! I would eat it everyday if I could afford it. I also had water with this and some throughout the day, although I didn’t drink nearly as much water as I usually do.

I think I will make myself a big glass of water now and call it a night! Thanks for reading.

Bows and Arrows,


What I Ate Wednesday, 5/14

So, I typically start off with a weather update, but honestly, I spent most of my day inside at work without access to windows…so I didn’t get to experience how awesome it was outside today.  Or was it sweltering?  I don’t even know.  When I did happen to be outside, which was at 7:30am, and again at 6pm, it was nice out, in the mid 70s.

Anyways, onto what I ate today!


2014-05-14 07.27.47

I drank a small glass of Simply Apple apple juice with two whole wheat waffles topped with fat free whipped cream and locally grown strawberries.  I also ate a handful of local blackberries and raspberries.  A delicious fruit filled breakfast!  And *gasp* no coffee for breakfast!  Just wait…it’s coming.


I got a coffee from Starbucks right before work, and sipped on it throughout the mid morning.  I didn’t finish it, so it continued with me during lunch.


2014-05-14 13.26.44


2014-05-14 13.26.58

I drank the rest of my Starbuck coffee, which I finally finished during lunch, along with a bottle of water.  I had a lot of random foods for lunch, so bear with me.  I had some celery sticks and baby carrots dipped in buttermilk ranch dressing (I had a packet from Chick-Fil-A).  Along with that, I had two thin slices of Boar’s Head Genoa salami and some original Wheat Thins topped with The Laughing Cow light spreadable cheese in garlic and herbs flavor.  I also had some homemade Tabouli!  I know, it’s in a container that looks like I bought it, but I promise, I made it myself!  And it’s delicious!  I’ll post the recipe soon, because I know you’re dying to know how I made it. 😉  And finally, I finished my meal with a banana.

 After work snack

2014-05-14 18.08.51

I stopped by Whole Foods on my way home from work and grabbed up one of their Peanut Butter bars.  Nom.  And they have a graham cracker crust.  So delicious.  And all their ingredients are things you can read, and aren’t terribly bad for you, so that just makes me feel better about eating chocolate and peanut butter all in one delicious dessert.

2014-05-14 18.54.27

Right before I cooked dinner, I ate this tiny little chocolate covered marshmallow which is also from Whole Foods.



2014-05-14 21.05.20 I made steak!  Pan fried with some McCormicks seasoning on top.  It was quite tasty.  My sides consisted of Suddenly Salad classic pasta salad, steamed baby carrots with sugar and parsley, and some Shrimp salad from Whole Foods.  I drank a glass of homemade sweet tea with a lemon wedge.

 After dinner snack

2014-05-14 22.37.19

I finished my night off with three caramel corn rice cakes from Quaker Oats.  I do consume gluten, but they are gluten free, if you’re curious!

I hope you enjoyed reading what I ate this Wednesday!  Have an awesome rest of the week!

Bows and Arrows,